Wednesday, February 24, 2016

SPOILERS: We Are Robin #9

The Jokers are rising, but the Robins are nowhere to be found.

The Spoilers:

Since last issue, that kid who killed his parents, now going by the name "Smiley" has become one of Gotham's most wanted, but he's out in the streets, recruiting other low life to his violence for the sake of violence crusade. They also say "LOL" so, they're pretty much the worse. 

The Robins are anything but a team right now. Duke and Izzy meet up, talk about each their personal woes, try and cheer each other up. Izzy sees them, and since she's got a crush on Duke, gets a little jealous, ends up beating up some racist dude in a store. Dax is building stuff and Dre is still going to patrol in his own costume.

And that's when Dre comes across Smiley and his small gang terrorizing a family in a back alley. Their first encounter ends in a stalemate as the police arrive shortly after they begin to fight, but sure enough, the conflict has begun, without the other Robins knowing what's coming.


The Opinion:

Alright issue, Smiley was more tolerable this time around than last... outside of his gang saying "LOL" out lout. Screw that. Literally the worst. All that said, I'm getting that same vibe I got when the New 52 was originally announced but hadn't happened yet... With Rebirth around the corner, is it even worth it? With Grayson and Batman and Robin Eternal, there's at least a thought that reading this books could lead into what's next for the involved characters, but with this, it's hard to say where this concept and characters are going to be in the next couple of months. Feels like an Arkham Manor situation. Sure, you could argue that a good book is a good book, but for the years I've been doing this, I've always made it clear that I much rather prefer to have my investment pay off long term... unless that book phenomenally stands on it's own, which this title doesn't resonate like that with me. It's fine, good even, but by no fault of its own, I'm struggling to find a reason to continue, other than "well there's only 3 issues left, might as well."

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