Wednesday, February 17, 2016

SPOILERS: Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death #2

Murder? Check. Science? Check. Plant babies? A wtf check.

The Spoilers:

The police are investigating the death of Ivy's new mentor, while the heads of her research company trie to play it off as an accident, clearly covering something up. Now one is quite suspicious of Ivy, but that's probably because they don't know who she is, because apparently public record was wiped clean with the New 52, or Harley Quinn continuity rules, or whatever. Anyways, later on the police find it odd that Pam doesn't seem to have anything on her record when they run background checks, but oh well, for now.

A week later, some of the lab techs decide to set up a memorial garden for Dr. Cruz, and this is where Ivy gets to know Darshan, another scientist at the lab. Some stuff with dogs, killing the abusive owner, and a safety meeting at work later, Ivy is brought into her boss's office where she asks what they're trying to hide and they basically go "We know who you are, shut it."

After the meeting, Ivy sees Darshan again. He was the last person to see her alive but turns out he didn't actually see her and was at some Talent Show competition. Something something, he's a super pacifist, Ivy has to go home because there's movement in her crazy plant she came up with last issue.

Turns out Ivy's been having some serious experiments with plant genetics and was able to create a plant that birthed plant/human hybrids like herself, so she's got new babies to take care of... see a the recently solicited cover, I'm sure it goes fiiiiiine. Meanwhile, Darshan fines Ivy's super sexist boss dead. WHOOPS.


The Opinion:

I'm not sure how I feel about ending the second issue on pretty much the same note as the last one, and Darshan's "I lied to the police, I was actually at an america's got talent audition" excuse was just sort of corny, other than that, it was another solid issue, following the equally solid debut. I've never been a Ivy die hard or anything, you won't see me making up any hashtag campaigns for the character on twitter, let alone any character (except Michael Lane Azrael, hey guys, who wants to tweet Dan Didio pics of self inflicted stigmata wounds, demanding a new Azrael book? DM me), but regardless of this fact, I'm glad that worked I guess, because this is just a different read and it's fun. Things are super cynical at the moment, so this book just being new and enjoyable definitely is hitting at the right time.

Clay and Seth Mann's art still looks gorgeous, but it's a taaaaad bit inconsistent. Like a lot of artists, Clay Mann seems to be one whose pencils live and die by the inker. There are two other inkers in this issue and you can sort of tell that the consistency isn't there on some pages. I know I talk about visual consistency in DC issues a lot, but that said, this was far from the worst instance, it's not even bad, just barely worth noting I guess. 

So to conclude, book is off to a good start, glad I'm reading it, looks real nice too, hooray. 

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  1. I'm digging this a lot so far. It's an interesting murder mystery with enough weird to keep it from being rote. Chu's got a nice voice, wouldn't mind seeing her on other stuff too.