Wednesday, February 17, 2016

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #25

Something something, man this book doesn't need continuity, something something, also super sexy Joker.

The Spoilers:

Harley comes back to Gotham to save Mason, who I hate... We've been over this. Anyways, Ivy meets her in town, brings supplies and (more than) friendly advice. Nevertheless, Harley's on a  mission to infiltrate Arkham.

WELL, turns out she's got a reputation around there, and is made by some guards pretty quickly. Her plan goes loud and she leaves destruction in her wake to Mason. Speaking of Mason, turns out he's heard some pretty nasty things about Harley from the dude in the next cell over. She pleads her case then realizes who's been talking shit, and well...

So Harley and Joker have it out. Joker tries to get in Harley's head, Harley has nothing of it and leaves the Joker in a pool of his own blood, finally understanding why Batman doesn't just kill him, because it's exactly what he'd want.

Speaking of Batman, the boat Ivy "borrowed" for the getaway? Batman's. Speaking of Batman, he shows up, turns out Big Tony's got connections and talked him out of locking them all back up in Arkham. THE GOOD NEWS. Mason is going away into witness protection for a long time YAY. 

So Harley says goodbye to the least interesting boyfriend on the planet, and heads back to Brooklyn with a request of a Margot Robbie makeover. 


The Opinion:

Well, Mason didn't get flayed alive, but witness protection for a long ass time ain't half bad. Sure, Harley finally stands up to the Joker and draws the line, great, woo, girl power. But for better or worse, the dynamic between Joker and Harley was always interesting and had layers. Mason on the other hand? That dude is straight up noooooothing. I've said it countless times before, it's lazy romance and it isn't bit interesting. So thank god, he's gone for a good long while. Other than that, great issue, art looked great, Joker fight was brutal, couldn't ask for much more.

But you know, now that Mason is gone, my new complaint is how visually terrible the comic/Margot Robbie hybrid looks on the page. FOR THIS IS THE INTERNET AND THERE WILL BE COMPLAINTS. 

But for real... there's like no contrast between her hair and skin color, it looks fucking weird. 

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