Wednesday, February 24, 2016

SPOILERS: Grayson #17

Just as some of my problems with the current direction seem to begin to be fixed, I'm reminded that this is Tim Seeley and Tom King's last issue. Fuck.

The Spoilers:

The long story short version of this is that Syndicate agents are now pursuing Dick and Tiger. Elsewhere, Grifter consults with exiled Syndicate member Tao (I don't know, Wildstorm or something) about getting a read on Helena, because of course there are more motives that you can count, spies and all that.

Eventually Dick, Tiger, Grifter and Japanese (I think?) rubber lady fight each other, Dick pushes his hypo implants real hard, and eventually cracks into Grifter's telepathic mind to find out that while Helena thinks she may have sent these agents after Dick, the Syndicate is really planning on taking her and Spyral down.

Tiger is all "well, isn't that what we want?" but Dick is all "No" and I'm all "Uhh..." but nevertheless, Tao tells Grifter that they need to kill Helena to stop the Spyders and Otto Netz's plan from coming true.


The Opinion:

Such a biter sweet issue. I've had issues with how they're handling Helena, then they pull out the "well, she's getting played" card, and I feel pretty alright about it, OH BUT THEN THE WRITERS LEAVE THEIR STORY INCOMPLETE.


Sure, other writers are picking up the scraps, but you know for a fact that they're just playing cleanup, things will probably have been changed hard, and so on... Added to that, there's probably going to be a lot left on the table in terms of unaddressed plot points and well... Shit.

Grayson wins for the most fucked over by Rebirth.


  1. Keep thinking about what you said in the rebirth piece. This upcoming night wing book had better be phenomenal. Still can't see the reason to abandon Grayson. This status quo has been so well recieved other writers were pulling him into their books for cameos left and right. Felt like marvel using wolverine in literally everything. I never remember that happening when he was nightwing.

  2. The demand for Grayson cameos could be due to the series doing so well...and the quality of the other series. Hence rebirth.
    Hopefully this version Helena makes it into the new Bat-verse.