Wednesday, February 10, 2016

SPOILERS: Black Canary #8

Black Canary and mystery ninja lady whose intentions were kind of reveled in Batgirl last week, hit the ground running in a new arc.

The Spoilers:

Dinah is missing, and her band is in Gotham, not quite sure where she is, and playing dumb for cops. After they are released, they get a note from Kurt and the label saying Dinah needs her help in Berlin. So along with Bo, the band heads out of the country.

Meanwhile, in Berlin, Dinah is in some ninja cult death match or something. Turns out some shit has happened between this issue and last, which has lead her to being locked up with Vixen at this compound, under the direction of Rena, her aunt in the white ninja suit. Dinah's mom, one of the world's best martial artists, apparently set up this place, but it's gone off the rails and close allies of Dinah's mother have been turning up dead, with all signs pointing to Dinah being next. Rena wants Dinah to stick around and fight until she finds out some info. Vixen sort of screws up those plans.

Because Vixen wants out, she gets out. Despite Rena's warnings not to, Dinah ends up helping her, and under Vixen's advice, flees with her, pointing out that Dinah has no real reason to trust Rena. 

Dinah needs to head back to Gotham to look for more information about her mother and find the band, but unfortunately the band is already in Berlin, probably headed right into a trap.


The Opinion:

My biggest problem with this issue is that it really just sort of slaps you in the face with the abrupt transition. Dinah gets a real cold open and it just feels as if there was like 5 or 10 pages missing in between. That said, I'm totally in the mindset of everyone probably got emails saying "LOL, REBIRTH, WRAP THAT SHIT UP. <3 Dan & Jimmy" so, I'm willing to forgive pacing these days. 

The story left me curious enough. Glad it didn't end up along the lines of "Hi, I'm White Canary, your sister, like in the show get it?!" which was my all too cynical, but kind of justified prediction. But to be honest "I'm your new aunt, maybe" mixed with the abruptness kind of left me hanging a bit. There was also the art change. Sandy Jarell illustrated this issue, and it just wasn't my favorite. To be fair, coming off Annie Wu and all the inherent style she brings to the book, anything is going to look poorer in comparison. This issue just kind of looks a lot more plain by comparison.

So yeah, to sum it up, it's just a pretty abrupt issue that I didn't dig as much as I have previous ones. End of the world? No. Just a sort of "Oh well."

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