Wednesday, February 24, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #21

Who is ready for Mother's origin!? I bet it involves dead parents!

The Spoilers:

IT TOTALLY INVOLVES DEAD PARENTS! So after feeling real bad about how much he fucked up Harper Row's life, Bruce returns to Europe to seek answers about Mother, who he believes to be dead. He ends up tracking down the mansion of a woman who came across Mother in her youth.

STORY TIME. Made up soviet country remains neutral, Mother lives there, her parents are shitty, racked up debt, she works it off. Soviets invade after some shit. She ends up poisoning one. Soviets kill the entire town, including her parents, she lays in corpses, gets stabbed a bunch, doesn't flitch, totally fucked up in the head, kills all soviets in the middle of the night, wanders a bit, that lady finds her, lady's parents mad at their daughter for brining an outsider in, Mother kills lady's parents first of her "I'm your mother now, be free" or whatever crusade.

Bruce is just like "Damn." Lady is all "You should go." Bruce tries to tell the lady that they're safe now, Mother is dead, but the lady doesn't feel as safe as Bruce, seemingly knowing Mother is right behind her after he leaves. She asks for a quick death, which she receives via knife to the neck. 

Back in Gotham, Bruce debates taking Harper in, but can bring himself to do so for various reasons, so he does the next best thing and tries to scare some sense into Marcus Row, demanding he at least try to be a decent father, knowing full well he won't. And with that, he believes Mother's case is close, and given how much that case struck close to home, he wants to never think about it again and purges it from his computer.


The Opinion:

Yep. Mother's pretty messed up. Now that we've gotten a pretty decent chunk of the picture that is Mother, I'm left wondering if she's sustainable. While she serves her purpose to this story well, I'm curious to wonder if she could be used down the line as a permanent member of Batman's rogues. Her MO is so specific to this story, I can't see someone else just doing it again down the line. Sort of like Dr. Hurt, who served his very direct purpose and never needs to be used again. None of this is really a comment on quality, (over all I really enjoyed the issue) just idle thoughts.


  1. Tony Daniels back on pencils was a huge huge plus

  2. I feel like Harper Row is a failure as a character. Not invested in her at all. Just annoyed most of the time lol