Wednesday, February 17, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #20

Step 1. Point out character whose name is in the title has never actually been in the title. Step 2. Final page happens. Step 3. Am wizard, once again confirmed.

The Spoilers:

Mind controlled girls, blah blah blah, Netz and Tim try to shut off the broadcaster, Dick and Jason try to stop Harper from killing Cass, also that Poppy Mother lady is there, and Helena fights David Cain. 

Some shit happens in between, but the big part of is that Cain and Ashemore manage to hack the hypnos in both Helena and Dick, in order to get the code to the Spyral brain washing satellite, then get away with Harper and Cass. 

Afterwards, after it's all settled down and the local signal is turned off, Dick finds Helena who tells him that she had that satellite made and the codes split between their Hypnos, because she wanted to give Dick the option of having the world forget who he is and going back to being Nightwing, she also thought it was a decision that they'd make together. Which is contradictory to A LOT of stuff, but more on that later, because oh look it's Damian and Goliath. 


The Opinion:

Okay, it's another fine issue, nothing wrong with it, entertaining enough, shit's going down, good to finally see Damian... but maybe it's Rebirth around the corner, maybe it's Titans Hunt, maybe it's Bleeding Cool making me paranoid, but damn did that "MAYBE YOU WANT TO BE NIGHTWING AGAIN" thing seemed super forced in...

Above that, it is completely opposite of what is happening with Dick and Helena over in Grayson, which I'm admittedly not super happy with at the moment, but still. It'd be one thing if two different writers were writing these books, but it's Seeley on both so no one can really go "man, don't editors talk to each other" or something. I mean... North and South here. It's so fucking weird how these two characters directions are 100% contradictory to each other in two different books written by the same writer. I've got no idea what's going on anymore.

Usually I just shrug shit off like this after making note of it or something, but this just was too distracting for it to not take away from my reading experience.


DC, please don't go "He's Nightwing again, and that's about as far as we've thought about that MEAT AND POTATOES!" That's all I ask.


  1. I get the whole meat and potatoes thing. I even support it to an extent. But holy shit if something developed organically that is DRAMATICALLY better ie Grayson, Kyle in Omega Men, midnighter solo, even preflashpoint superman working behind the scenes. These are all working and great. Leave these and focus on the books that DO need help. For crying out loud they have Green Arrow turning into a werewolf in his own book. WTF is that??? that book went from a must read under Lemire and Sorrentino to. Kate trimester abortion

  2. The latest episode of DC all access on YouTube has him in the nightwing suit in the Titans crossover you mentioned and the writer made it seem like this is Dick's new (old) status quo.

  3. There's some timing issue. I can't tell when B&R Eternal is meant to take place. Is it supposed to be before the current events in Grayson? After them? Before Robin War? It's all screwy, and as much as DC seems to be enjoying its "continuity-fluid" storytelling, it just ends up being confusing without some clarity.

    1. Grayson seems to take place after BRE (except that Poppy seems to still work for Spyral), but Batgirl is happening before it - it's all very confusing. I enjoyed the Dick and Helena stuff a lot more than what's currently happening in the title, so I'm not too bothered. :)

  4. ...Y'know, it's a shame that such a method for him to possibly become Nightwing again is being introduced here and not in Grayson, because it would actually work as a great moral and ethical dilemma if used properly: Should he use technology that can essentially mind-wipe an entire population just so he can become Nightwing again? Where is he truly best suited, and would using such controversial technology be truly worth it? There's a LOT of questions to be asked with this...and it's unfortunate that this book probably won't delve into that too much.

  5. The secret ID thing has been really weird for awhile. I completely love Grayson, it's IMO the best run with the character at least since Dixon's and maybe ever. But at this point I'm a little unclear on why he doesn't just put back on the Nightwing outfit and continue both his Spyral and non-Spyral activities, secret ID or no. It was one thing when everyone thought Dick Grayson was dead, but that horse is well and out of the barn by now. Why exactly does it still matter if people know who Nightwing is?

  6. After One More Day, I was hoping I'd never have to see that plot device again...