Wednesday, February 3, 2016

SPOILERS: Batgirl #48

In a world where I was incredibly late the the inevitable Batman and Robin Eternal spoiler prediction, at least I can say that I nailed this one.

The Spoilers:

Babs' mind continues to slip as she can't recall the time she took out the Co-op duo after defeating them again, this time with Luke. After talking it out with Frankie, the best they can come up with is maybe the AI they erased is still kicking around, but that takes a pause as they come home to a similar situation between Dinah and Greg as Frankie was in with Greg last issue. Greg was rummaging through Babs things and yeah yeah yeah, he's the bad guy, duh.

Anyways, Greg is all "I got a startup that can maybe help you find information about where you were when things you don't remember happened," and random Black Canary spoilers, the White Ninja is probably Dinah's mom, and now Dinah's looking for her, so you know... that. Anyways, Babs, Dinah and Frankie look into some stuff, Greg's info turns out to be wrong, and the not-so-Birds of Prey duo end up in an abandoned hall of records, which has a creepy bunker under it for some reason.

Who's in the bunker? GREG the weird guy from Babs' nightmares, he calls himself Fugue. Also, it's totally Greg! And he can make Babs remember anything he wants, also, he knows everything about her and her friends/allies/whatever! He gets away after leaving Babs in some braindead looking stance. But that doesn't matter, because I GOT YOU, GREG!


The Opinion:

Like I said, nailed it... but it was pretty easy, so just let me have this one, okay? I'd like to say it's at least curious to have someone know everything about Babs and her allies, but it's pretty likely he's just going to end up with mush for brains at some point, who knows. Regardless, it was a fun issue, it's always nice to see Dinah and Babs team up, and it's gotten past the weird passive aggressive dynamic that Dinah had early on in this run. Art was a bit inconsistent towards the end, but not in a bad run. Just had a slightly jarring change with a change in colorists and layouts, maybe you won't even notice, who knows, I read a lot of shit so I guess I'm sensitive to it?

But the real story here, is fuck Greg, right?

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