Friday, January 29, 2016

The Fill-in is Coming, The Fill-in is Coming!

Remember back when the New 52 was announced, we had Flashpoint going on alongside a number of remaining regular DC books... then the creative teams for those books started to drop like flies and we were left with months of what essentially was fill-in or inventory issues to wrap up a series? Yeah, well, we're probably going to get more of that soon.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that a number of books, relevant to this site, are switching up creative teams as whatever the hell Rebirth is, draws closer. Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly are taking over Grayson sooner than solicited, meaning Tom King, Tim Seeley and Mikel Janin just released their final issue of Grayson together this week. Elsewhere, Ray Fawkes and Ramon Bachs will be on more issues of Robin: Son of Batman, and considering that I couldn't get through half of their first issue, as it felt like generic side story material (because it was), that's equally not great news.

So it's safe to say, there may be a time where we get a preview for any given issue and I go "NOPE, not covering that." Grayson is a hard one to drop... but this is some serious bullshit. I get this probably means the creative team is doing something else for Rebirth, but an art switch in the middle of an arc sucks enough, but the writers too? That sucks more. On the Robin: Son of Batman side of things, there's creative team changes, then there's "we're not actually announcing this change, but just need someone to clean up before we reboot it." So, I'll say it right now, out of principal, I'm not reading any of the non-Gleason Robin issues.

Don't be surprised if this happens in other series throughout DC's line before Rebirth. It's exactly what happened during Flashpoint. Creators went on to get ahead on their new projects and we were left with months of meaningless content from creative teams of a quality well below the previous team's quality. It sucks!

But yo man... have you ever thought "Scooby Doo would be so much better with tribal tattoos," then have I got some good news for you.


  1. This IS some serious bullshit. You're right; it's exactly like the pre-New 52 relaunch. Shitty creative teams filling in with meaningless stories. I will be ruthless as hell (i.e., skipping books) with my DC pull the next few months.

    1. ... that said, we have no idea if the new Grayson team will be bad, so I'm going to give them a chance. BUT, it really does suck that they aren't even going to finish their run. Whatever Seeley, King, and Janin are doing for Rebirth better be worth it, or it'll be a real bummer.

  2. This Rebirth thing better be worth it, and by that I mean bringing Bryan Q Miller back on something, I miss his Batgirl run.

  3. I feel this is DC's underlying problem. Instead of letting their best books just be there best books organically ie Grayson omega men or Lemire and sorrentino's green arrow run they take the good creative teams and force them onto the traditional marquee titles. Then keep wondering why only the marquee titles sell in any numbers. If Grayson is your best book just run with it and stop fucking it up

  4. Ugh, this is terrible news. Meanwhile, titles that actually could use new creative blood (We Are Robin, definitely) are going to keep being mediocre. The Grayson news doesn't seem as frustrating to me, because I was quite impressed by Lanzing and Kelly's work in Eternal (though their artistic collaboration was sometimes a bit confusing), but Ray Fawkes is probably my least favorite writer working on major titles at DC (well, okay, after Frank Tieri). His series just ended, and it feels like DC is just giving him fill ins to do to keep him around - but he's the absolute worst at fill ins, because he always creates character and continuity inconsistency.