Sunday, January 31, 2016

Stack Rundown, 01/31/2016

Late...ish again, I had somewhere around 5 books left to read this morning. I blame The Witness. Great game, but holy shit do I want it out of my life right now. Been banging my head up against the wall up until the end. Preparing myself to attempt "the challenge" now. Ugh. Comics, though.

Suicide Squad Most Wanted #1

This was one of those game time decision reads, as I didn’t have any real intention on reading it until Wednesday morning. I blame having watched that Suicide Squad trailer a billion times and since the regular book is so bleh, figured why not? …But the regular book should get a lot better next month, though that’s besides the point. This was pretty alright. It’s an oversized issue featuring a Deadshot issue and Katana issue. I’m no fan of Brian Buccelatto’s writing, as I recently found his Detective run to be super boring, and I don’t really care about Katana, but nevertheless, it was an entertaining package. I might actually stick with it.

The Omega Men #8

Well, nothing like a planetary genocide to get your heart kicked in. I like how this series, close to its end, is still filling in the backstory, but doing it in a natural way. A lot of times when books do flashbacks, they take you out of the momentum and it just feels like the storytellers going “Okay, we had to tell this part at some point.” Yet in Omega Men, any time there is a flashback, it is directly relatable to what is happening in the present as well, so jumping back doesn’t feel as jarring as less nuanced books make it out to be. As always, just a fantastic issue.

Old Man Logan #1

I don’t give two flaming shits about Logan as a solo character, I’ve said that countless times… yet here I am. Honestly, I’m just here for the Lemire/Sorrentino combination, which turns out, is still pretty fucking good. This book sort of strays far away from Lemire’s use of Logan in Extraordinary, which is kind of unexpected given how crossover heavy Marvel can be, but regardless… Yeah, he’s just murdering fools who ruined his timeline, in an attempt to prevent it from ever happening… But then you get into time travel theory and since he’s old as shit and just displaced, not actually time traveling, what happened already happened to him, so killing people ain’t going to fix anything and yadda yadda yadda. I’m curious to see how long the book is on the hit list sort of story, because you figure eventually it’ll have to do something else?

Extraordinary X-Men #6

Set up issue! Kurt is messed up in the head. Iceman is reminding everyone that he’s gay. Magick is learning shit about Limbo. Sunspot was an ally of Cyclops and Storm tells Logan to kill him if he gets out of line. That pretty much sums up the issue. With a crossover coming, I’m not sure this book will be doing anything big or noteworthy, but whatever, this was decent enough… Just didn’t exactly reach for the stars or anything.

Cry Havoc #1

Si Spurrier is a real good writer, probably should get more praise than he does these days, but hey… the world just isn’t fair is it? Every book I’ve read written by him has been really detailed and really unique, and though I may be confused in the offset at times (Hi, X-Force) they’ve always ended up being worthwhile. So Cry Havoc… Spurrier teams up with Ryan Kelly, Lee Loughridge, Nick Filardi and Matt Wilson to tell a story about a lesbian werewolf in a war. YEP. It’s a weird concept, told out of order (with each colorist taking their own time section) and it’s just a really fucking cool book in all regards. Very intriguing start, probably the first #1 from Image I’ve been truly excited about this year.

Revival #36

I’m not sure what to make of the woman running the Reviver detainment facility. She comes off as caring and wanting to do the right thing, but she’s also just shady as fuck. This was an issue that just sort of catches up with the town. I’m sort of left wondering why we’re spending time with Lester, this late in the game. He’s been a character that is peppered throughout the series but hasn’t really done much… So I’m just going to guess he killed Em based on his shitty ways with women, demonstrated in this issue. Yep. That’s my guess. Why else would he still be here when he hasn’t done much to begin with?

Saga #33

I love how I will completely forget about shit in Saga, because hey, there’s a lot of shit you can forget about in a 30+ issue book, and yet, things always come back to be relevant. Take Dolph and Upsher, who got cursed by the Brand to never speak of their story about Marko or Alana again… Yeah, well the Brand fucking died. Did I think “Oh, that means Dolph and Upsher’s curse is broken.” NOPE. Yet here we are, with that storyline all the sudden becoming relevant again, and I’m just like “DAMN, SAGA.” Also, crazy ass The Will has some potential.

Southern Bastards #13

This book remains gritty as hell, and it’s quite a read. Coach Boss’s world is falling around him, but he’s reading to go out guns literally blazing, so whatever comes out of these future issues is sure to be #1, great and #2, bloody. And I can’t wait.

Deadly Class #18

Jesus christ, Marcus’ pudgy little roommate is one vindictive fucker, isn’t it. I mean, it was clear he was snooping around and digging up dirt, but good lord, he is just an evil little fucker… Which will make his eventual death all the better… Unless Remender just keeps him alive and he’s a big antagonist for awhile… But seriously, this book is making me want to see children get killed, kinda messed up, right? Nevertheless, it is brutal and manipulative (favorite bit was Willie questioning Saya) and this arc has probably been my favorite so far.

Chew #54

So I read this issue and go “well that’s gross” because presumably, Tony’s wife, at best, just got the shit beaten out of her by Savoy, but it could end up being so much worse. Then you get to the end where Layman has a little letter where he agrees how shitty it was and how he hated writing it. On one hand, you got to admire having a long term plan and sticking to it, but god damn, it was still such a shitty read. Like I said, just gross.

Black Magick #4

So this issue ends on a cliffhanger with Alex getting attacked by some demon… thing. I don’t know, WITCH STUFF. I finished the issue and sort of just went “oh… I hope Alex doesn’t die,” because, as usual, I’m liking this book more and more, so I’m starting to really enjoy the characters as well. I like how the Witches are just part of the everyday world. Rowan is a detective, Alex is a elementary school teacher, and they’re just sort of living their lives, not falling into the stereotype of witches or going to the other end of the horror spectrum like Snyder and Jock’s Wytches, they’re just people and now they’re being attacked, which is making for a great book so far.

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  1. I also only picked up old man Logan due to how much I LOVED Lemire and Sorrentino's Green Arrow run. Looks amazing and I love the concept of Logan working on a hit list. If this creative team was still on green arrow it would be DC's best book. Never heard why they moved off that book