Sunday, January 24, 2016

Stack Rundown, 01/24/2016

Here I am, brazing the blizzard to bring you all the thoughts on the other comics I read this week... from the warmth and safety of my home... But man, shoveling snow is the worst.

Secret Six #10

This book continues to just be real fun. I’ve enjoyed the hell out of it feeling like the old DC Universe where it just sort of ignores the fact that there’s barely any established relationship between any characters anymore. Zatanna just talks to Superman like it’s no big deal, Dibny and Superman know each other… Speaking of Dibny… Why the hell is he making himself look like that still? I don’t get it. I also don’t get what the goal of the Six was here… They knew they were fucking up the world, but just planned on beating the eternal evil gods so they could have their cake and eat it too? I don’t know. Everything just sort of ended real abruptly, but it was still pretty fun.

Robin: Son of Batman #8

I didn’t cover this issue on the site for the very reason why I stopped reading it about a third of the way through: it was an inventory issue. The book’s premise is literally Damian going “Well Alfred, let me tell you a story of one of my past adventures.” So I’m just reading this and go “yep, this is fill in, I don’t need to continue” and that was that.

Devolution #1

Behold, probably the only Dynamite book I will ever read (currently), and that’s because it has Rick Remender’s name o it. The history of this book is weird, I feel like I’ve been hearing about it forever and apparently the script was written a decade ago? I don’t know… BASICALLY, it’s super nihilistic Remender shit. Government drops a bomb to alter the part people’s brains that allow them to believe in religion, shit goes wrong, people and animals revet back to pre-historic cave dwellers. You know, standard Remender stuff, religion is garbage, government is garbage, the world is garbage, and the heroine who believes all that is out to save the world in the name of herself, because fuck all that other stuff. Good start.

Uncanny X-Men #2

Yo, this book is still X-Force, and you know why? Cus an X-Force character just got killed. Remember Elixer? No? No. Well, he dead now, because healers are getting shot. I don’t know. This book seems alright so far, the Archangel stuff has piqued my interest. I think the real test will be once this upcoming Apocalypse crossover is complete, then things are on their own for a while (I hope?) so this one can stretch out its wings a bit.

Tokyo Ghost #5

Because there can’t be any one week with only a single Rick Remender related release, here comes the finale for the first part of Tokyo Ghost, and it sure took that Remender turn… Not in the way where like all the main characters die or some shit, but just in a depressing “well, it wasn’t going to last” sort of way. From the very beginning, it was clear something was going to go to shit at some point, but like Debbie, I was content in living in the paradise where life was good… Then the shit. Kinda weird how reading this mirrored the POV character 1 to 1.

I Hate Fairyland #4

This book remains entertaining for the same reasons the first three issues remained entertaining, the art and violence are amazing. That said, this is one of those books that’s pretty samey. It’s not trying to be anything that it clearly isn’t, there’s no subverted expectations, you get what you pay for, and that’s okay.

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  1. Laughed at your "the only Dynamite book I'll ever read" comment because I think the same goes for me. Like you, I'm a Remender mark. I'm getting the feeling that the next few months are going to see DC's last few issues before 'Rebirth' go full inventory sort of like the months leading up to the New 52 relaunch. Gonna have to be careful about what I pick up to read...