Sunday, January 10, 2016

Stack Rundown, 01/10/2016

I woke up with a hangover today not fully understanding how many books I had actually bought this week... Turns out it was a lot of books.

Midnighter #8

This issue needed way more Spyral. I look at that cover and go “Great, Spyral!” But then it’s just the next issue tease basically. Helena just shows up and goes “Suicide Squad, get em!” That’s great, fantastic even, but I just could have used more Spyral, less Freedom Beast… Sorry buddy, you ain’t Spyral! David Messina, coming off Catwoman, stepped in for art on this one, and I quite liked it. Had a different look from Catwoman going, as his work seemed to try and stay in line with Garry Brown’s work prior. Looked great, I dunno.

Swamp Thing #1

Wasn’t the idea of this new round of minis (most of which got stuck in an anthology series) supposed to be new takes on characters… Nothing says new like Len Wein and Kelley Jones, right!? That came off meaner than it sounded. The art was actually fantastic, but we’re going from Swamp Thing being a fucking god, to him chasing a zombie… The downgrade in scope this mini has taken in comparison to the perfectly fine (great, even) title that ended not too long ago definitely wasn’t a new and refreshing take, I’ll say that much.

Uncanny X-Men #1

Shut up Marvel, this is an X-Force book with a wider market appeal title. We all know it. I thought this first issue was pretty alright, as the cast of characters definitely is a pretty good selling point. All sort of bad guys or some sort of anti-hero inbetweener. Fuck, I’m honestly still surprised that Sabertooth is still under his Axis invert spell or whatever. If Marvel is going to completely ignore an event, I’d expect it to be Axis, quite honestly. Interesting cast, didn’t notice any obvious porn traces, so I’m on board.

Deadpool #5

This was another one of those Deadpool issues where I feel like I’m done with it, but it does enough serious drama stuff to make me go “okay I’ll see where this goes a little while longer.” The next thing I know it’s going to be issue #38 and I’ll be saying the same damn thing. I don’t know, Madcap? Deadpool hates himself? Sure. Whatever, it’s got enough hooks in me I guess.

Vision #3

This is going to sound SUPER weird, but the way Virginia got undressed for robot sexy times was really fucking clever. Took me half a second to sort of just sit there and go “Wait, wha-oh… OH…” So way to go Tom King and Gabriel Walta, you made sexy robots? But outside of sexy time robots, we got some real weird shit going on with that plant and the witch… super ominous visions and all that, wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but this book has been so good, I’m up for anything.

The Fade Out #12

So that’s the end, we find everything out (maybe) and things are left in a pretty shitty place, where you’d expect a washed up drunk of a writer to end up. It’s weird, we got all the answers, but Charlie wasn’t exactly left with a resolution of any type. I guess that is in line with what Brodsky was saying at the end, it’s just how shit works. Fucked up things happen, life moves on, so you got your main character ending the series just wandering around drunk and upset. The end. I liked the series, not as much as Fatale, but it was still a pretty alright ride.

Paper Girls #4

I’ve pretty much given up trying to make sense of this book, but that’s not to say I’m not enjoying it. This book is just nuts. It’s fucking crazy, there’s weird shit on every page, and it’s just an incredibly fun read because of it. How do you make a book about for girls who deliver newspapers in the late 80s interesting? By throwing all the random bullshit you can think of at it, and making it a book. That’s pretty much how this title has gone, and it’s been great. You know what I enjoyed this issue? The fact that Mac is a homophobe. We’re in such a PC world, where anyone who isn’t super liberal and PC often vilified. Is Mac an evil character? No… she’s just grossed out by mens kissing mens, I guess. I’m not here going “YEAH, GO HOMOPHOBES!” but it’s just refreshing to see variety in characters, even if I don’t agree with their stances.

Nailbiter #19

I’ll be honest, this was the last book I had to write about, so I’m kind of tried of typing. It’s fine. Good even, it’s just one of those title that tells a long consistent story so I never have much to say from issue to issue. It’s still good? Hooray.

Black Science #19

This arc has been a real big change of pace, but I’m definitely enjoying the sort of “Grant McKay, this is your life” vibe… even though his life is super depressing and shitty, but hey, Remender comics, right? Holy fuck though, the art from Scalara and Dinisio this issue was on fucking point. The pages where Grant was talking to the god mountain or whatever the hell that thing was, man… the colors, THE COLORS. I like colorful shit, and this is the most colorful of all the shit I read this week, so yeah, it’s going to stand out. Also, I laughed when Grant quite literally unlocked the power of IMAGINATION.

Archie #5

This book continues to be great. New artist jumped on board, Veronica Fish, who I had never heard of, and coming after Fiona Staples and Annie Wu, that’s some big shoes to fill. Good news is, the art looked great. Kind of cartoony, but still keeps inline with the modern take that Fiona Staples had set up.

Sheriff of Babylon #2

Oh god, I accidentally copy pasted what I wrote for this issue, then accidentally copied something else and closed Evernote. NOW IT'S GONE! Fuck premium. Anyways, I forgot to write something for the first issue, but that's because I forgot to read it when it came out. Anyways, it's super great. Really tense, has a great web of characters with crazy motivations. Tom King came the fuck out of nowhere and everything he writes is great... I want to see his take on Batman some day.

Invader Zim #6

So they changed the art in this book, for the worse if I’m going to be honest. The first five issues absolutely NAILED the look of the series, now this issue looks sort of like what would happen if Invader Zim and Rick and Morty had a baby… WEIRD, right? That’s pretty much it. Still funny, but it took a major hit now that it looks really different.

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  1. Yeah, I don't get why they didn't just call it X-Force while Extraordinary X-Men could have been called Uncanny. If that's supposed to be the flagship X-book now, then it should have the flagship name.