Sunday, January 3, 2016

Stack Rundown, 01/03/2016

It's a new year in comics, and we haven't yet had a controversy for people to rightly or for tumblr reasons, get mad at. KEEP IT UP GUYS! Sure, it has only been 3 days out of 366, but it's a good start? That leap year though, we've got a whole extra day for some bullshit to happen! Got to watch out.

Batman Europa #3

First things first, I’m just going to say that I found the art kind of difficult to follow. Even with the layouts from an artist who does sequential art, I still found this issue hard to interpret and follow from a visual standpoint. From a story standpoint… well, this book is just sort of there. The wait didn’t help this book in the long run, because after a billion years, I’m sort of just asking myself “this is it?” It’s just Batman and Joker teaming up, because they have a virus, and they’re looking for some dude… That’s pretty much it. I did like the idea that the French are super into the Joker… that was kind of funny.

Harley Quinn/Power Girl #6

I checked out on this book long ago, kind of surprised I even ended up buying all the issues. I mean, the humor in this team up just sort of fell flat for me by halfway through issue #3. This issue Harley and PG get transported to some pleasentville where Vartox has a Power Girl robot or something. Man, just couldn’t continue caring for all these issues.

Omega Men #7

This book remains one of DC’s best, and has some strange ties to Grayson with the heavy use of hypnos, so I’m wondering if there will be some ties in Grayson later down the line. Anyways, Kyle figures out he’s been played (more than once) and we’re getting to the big answers, soonish. This book just has balls and attitude… BALLS AND ATTITUDE. Truly unlike anything DC is currently publishing, and boy do I love it.

Justice League #47

Well who didn’t see the Crime Syndicate getting back together? I mean… if you read solicits, then it’s kind of obvious, but whatever. Speaking of the Crime Syndicate, I’m going to say that I love this story way more than Forever Evil. This is how events should shake out, just let them be their own thing rather than trying to have your entire line of comics take part in them. Imagine if AXIS had Rick Remender doing what he does best rather than trying to accommodate an entire line of comics? Lots of big shit happens in this story, and it kind of just doesn’t worry about anything else. I for one am looking forward to a Crime Syndicate/Justice League team-up.

All-New Wolverine #3

I got to say, for whatever reason, I really loved the action scenes in this issue, especially the car chase. There was something about that panel with Laura slowing herself down by stabbing her claws into the asphalt that made me think “man, this is pretty badass.” It’s a totally generic Wolverine thing to do though, but David Lopez’s art just made this issue sing.

Rat Queens #14

I talked a bit about this last night on twitter after I read this issue, but man, this arc just doesn’t feel right to me. Everything just feels disjointed and that magic that was there in the first two arcs just doesn’t seem to exist anymore. With all the characters being separated you just lose the dynamic of the team, and the plot just sort of seems to be stretched thin in some places. It’d be one thing if this was a book that I just didn’t mind too much, but fuck, did I love the first two arcs of this book which makes my indifference to this current arc hurt that much more.

Black Magick #3

I’ve said it before, but for whatever reason, I just kind of had no interest in this book when it was announced, but here I am, finding more and more enjoyment in each issue. Sure, it’s taking its time, but the world Rucka and Scott are building is just oozing with style and substance. I’ve even gotten over my wish for just a tad bit more color within the book. This issue really does a lot to build the juxtaposition of Rowan being a cop and a witch, putting her professional life in danger due to her personal one being in even more danger. It’s just a really cool dynamic and I’m very glad I decided to give this book a chance.


  1. Luckily batman Europa is just a 4 issue mini series or I would never have picked up this issue. The story feels incredibly generic and I agree that the art is very difficult to follow. Omega men is fantastic and I completely owe you and your reviews to me picking that series up. I will be curious if they complete the connection of who brought the Hypnos technology to earth and spyral

  2. This should be considered a spoiler for anyone who hasn't read Grayson #10, so watch out, and I apologized if what I say spoils anything for you.

    If you've been reading Grayson, it should be pretty obvious that it's Lex. I mean, wouldn't you trade a pair of Hypnos to him so that he could recreate and redistribute them to Spyral if he offered one of his shoes? I know I would.

    1. Yeah, I figured that much, just couldn't picture Lex in deep space that much. I was more wondering if we'd see Omega Men references in Grayson.

    2. Yeah I guess I meant what is the missing link that took the Hypnos from deep space where humans never go to Lexcorp. I know continuity isn't always super tight but Lex hasn't been off planet to my knowledge