Wednesday, January 27, 2016

SPOILERS: We Are Robin #8

Behold the origin story of the new version of the Jokers gang, which is both a smart, yet possibly counterproductive idea in execution.

The Spoilers:

Duke is still looking for his parents, having given up the Robin game, while across town, remember that kid who beat up Duke in the first issue? Well he was in juvie and is getting let out. He's also got a permanent smile because of some birth defect and a botched plastic surgery his parents made him get. Also, he idolizes the Joker. Great combo there.

Anyways, Duke finally realizes he hasn't checked psychiatric hospitals, while the rest of the gang are sort of living there own life. Riko tries to contact Duke, chickens out, Andre is wearing darker colors and getting a bit violent, and the mechanic one whose name I forget keeps tinkering around with tech while Alfred watches incognito. 

Back to the Joker kid. He gets brought home, immediately fights with his parents, is getting kicked out the next day. So he puts on a Joker paint job and gets a gun. So while Duke finally finds his parents, or got a big dose of Joker toxin and are pretty messed up, Joker kid just kills his parents. FUN.


The Opinion:

So having the Jokers as a gang to counterbalance the Robins is a fucking brilliant idea, and I'm looking forward to where this goes, but here's the thing... fuck that kid we get to see this issue.

Joker is an awful human being (or is he?!), but, like many good villains, despite the awful atrocities they commit, they've got a charisma that makes them likable and draws other characters and readers to them. This kid though? Just sort of a dick. Not likable in anyway. Comes off super petty and overreacts a bit. Yeah, yeah, he's probably insane, but so is the Joker, and we like him.

So, with that kid in mind, let's get to my next point: The origin story dilemma. Joker has no origin. Joker is just Joker. Sure there are bits an pieces there, but any good story leaves them questionable or mysterious. This kid, we see his origin. We can figure out the origin of the gang... but since this kid sucks and isn't likable, putting him as the face of the gang is sort of a detriment to the idea of a gang being based on the Joker. While I think it's a great idea to have a Joker vs Robin gang war, I kind of just don't want to see this guy being the focal point of it all. Instead, I'd like to see this gang just appear, sort of just like the Joker. It'd be more fitting for it to be ambiguous, rather than fronted by Captain Dickhead McShootshisparents. 

Then there's this nagging issue of a lack of communication. In Batman, we saw Duke get a call from Darryl about his parents. Here, he just figures check a psychiatric hospital. In Batman, Duke is super being into Robin, even has his own costume, when he finds his parents, in here he isn't. It's clear, that unlike Harper Row, Snyder wasn't directly finished with Duke, but no one sort of told this book? It doesn't take away from the issue specifically, it's just this nagging feeling I've got with every other issue or so.

Anyways, despite the guy I don't like being the Jokers guy and the lack of coordination, I'm still really into the idea of the Jokers gang being the antagonists of this new arc.

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  1. I think the point of this story is that this kid meant to be seen as somewhat of a poser. He's like Kylo Ren to Darth Vader. He's a bratty kid playing dress up in order to measure up in some way to his "hero." If they made him a literal Joker clone by making his backstory equally ambiguous, then they risk making him come off possibly as lame and cheap as Joker's Daughter.