Wednesday, January 13, 2016

SPOILERS: Robin War #2

With this being a fairly large issue, and it being late... I'm just going to get to the point with this one.

The Spoilers:

So, the big bad plan of the Court of Owls was that they'd put Dick into a corner, so he'd join them... why they need him, god only knows. How did they do this? By tricking Damian into thinking he'd stop the Court's attack by joining them, sort of a "it's what Batman would have done" sort of thing. With this, the Court gave Damian a mask which had some nanotech bomb shit in him, that's now inside of Damian, for the time being, I guess. So they got a gun to Damian's head 24/7 now, apparently, so Dick joins them, Court stops. Turns out Court is global and there's a Parliament of Owls.

There's also a good deal of "You're not Robin, I'm Robin!" character development stuff, people go though ups and downs, Damian is a bit more accepting of Duke, sort of befriends him, but Duke is having doubts. Shit like that. Also, a loose explanation of Lincoln March is the Court was using him to bait Grayson, and if he succeeded, he'd be freed from their control. 


The Opinion:

To get one thing out of the way, the art was sort of all over the place in this issue. I'm pretty Bummed Khary Randolph really barely drew any of these two issues, for being solicited as the main guy. Sucked.

Anyways... I'm pretty concerned with Grayson here, not because I'm sitting here like "What's Dick going to do!?" but because I'm concerned they're just jumping the shark with him. 

First off, expanding the Court to a global scale did pretty much the opposite of what was probably intended, that is making the Court look big and crazy powerful on a worldwide level... But now, now they're just another group out for world domination, whatever. The whole point of the Court was they're roots in Gotham's history, so deep that Batman didn't even know they were there. They were so centralized and it was great. Making them bigger doesn't make them scarier, all it does is dilute the concept. 

Then there's Dick. I was already concerned with how the book was headed post Helena (who has been painfully underused recently) taking up the leader of Spyral position. The Spyral thing was so fucking good from the start, then it seemed like they turned on a switch and it it went to Dick irreparably harming his connection to them to the point where it seems like there'd be no way for him to work with them anymore... Here comes the Court, I guess. Switching one shadow organization for the other just feels cheap, and if Dick some how continues to work for both, it just seems like what was such a tightly focused book, could turn into one that's stretched way too thin.

Again, this is all speculation, and Grayson has been one of DC's best books, despite the faults I find, so maybe the creative team could make something really great out of it, but the ending of this issue left me anything but optimistic.


  1. Not sure why they needed a mini series/cross over to simply make Grayson a double agent or as you said move from one shadow group to another. Really seems like over kill. I hated the "new special" talons. They aren't surgical?? Wasn't that the premise behind the Gotham butcher talon used during the original court story?? If Lincoln March isn't improsoned why wouldn't he murder amnesiac Bruce??? Seems like that would be the very first thing he would do.

    1. Maybe Lincoln would want Bruce to know who killed him and why. He wouldn't be satisfied killing Bruce in his current state.

  2. I enjoined Robin War and thought it was a great story. As for the ending I think with the Spyral story line wrapping up Dick Grayson is gonna now be infiltrating The Court of Owls. Working with them but secretly against them like he did with Spyral in Grayson. They kept calling him Nightwing so maybe this will lead to him being Nightwing again while working for them. And I think The Courts new going global plan is a result of Owlman from Earth 2. We haven't seen him but we know he is out there still.It would explain why The Court is so obsessed with getting Dick back. Owlman was obsessed with working alongside Dick and if it is him leading The Court now he can.

    1. Owl man is a Geoff Jonhns only character. King and seely work closely with Snyder who johns actively works against. I don't see that happening


      Jones is in on it.

    3. We actually do know where Owlman is. I don't want to spoil another, unrelated title but we have seen him recently.