Wednesday, January 20, 2016

SPOILERS: Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death #1

I'm just going to say up front that I'd like to see this book be more than a mini series... Maybe a new ongoing when the book ends that's just called Poison Ivy, because that title is a bit of a mouthful.

The Spoilers:

Given that this is a mini series telling a specific story, there's a lot of set up in this issue. The basic plot is Ivy has been given a new opportunity by a Doctor who can see past her past and appreciate her science. So after finding some fossil plant that's a whole bunch of years old, she ends up back in Gotham, where Harley, tired of being ignored, crashes in on her new job. 

They go out, Harley is a bit jealous Ivy isn't spending time with her, they get into a bar fight, Ivy pisses Harley off with a deep cut, Harley leaves, Ivy claims she's happy to be alone. Monologue about her not really being human, plants are better, you know, that stuff.

Next day, her plant does something noteworthy, she rushes into work and finds the woman who hired her dead. DRAMA.


The Opinion:

Like I said, lots of set up. Little happened outside of the set up and final scene, but what is set up, definitely makes me want to keep reading. Amy Chu set out to depict a sort of classic version of Ivy, who identifies with her plantself more, and she did just that... At the expense of Harley and a bit of a dated use of "Joker crazy" characterization with her, but hey, it's not like the actual Harley book plays by the continuity rules either, so there's that. It all comes off as a very interesting read, and Ivy just comes across as a very cool character. On top of that, the book looks fucking great. Clay Mann and company do a flawless job of making the book look sexy, but not exploitative. Ivy has always been depicted as a pretty character, so it's fitting that her book is just as pretty from page 1 to 20. 

Great start to this book. Didn't really know what to expect, but came away very pleased with the results.


  1. Notice the Gotham Academy gang?

  2. I appreciate what they're trying to do with this book, but the writing feels tepid.