Wednesday, January 20, 2016

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #24

I really feel like this book pulled a bait and switch with the cover. Left wanting.

The Spoilers:

The short end of it is that Harley thinks it's the Mayor who put a hit out on Mason (boo) then got him moved to Arkham. He insists it wasn't and basically tells Harley he doesn't give a damn, since Mason killed his son. Turns out it was the Mayor's assistant, who didn't want anything to come back directly to his boss. Mr. Mayor is pretty aware of this and tells Cecil that Harley is going to be a problem with her black mail, so Cecil sends a crew of mercs over to kill everyone in Harley's apartment.

Yeah, it doesn't go well. Lots end up dead in wacky ways, as one would expect. One of them seems to remain with Harley, or comes to a truce. All his former coworkers sold out their employer, this Hulk Hogan looking one didn't, Harley admires that. ANYWAYS, Harley sends all but the Hulkster back to the Mayor's office via catapult, and heads off to Gotham, while the Mayor accepts Harley's declaration of war.

Meanwhile, in Arkham, Mason is talking to the inmate next to him, who he can't see and BLAH BLAH BLAH, he ends up talking about Harley to the Joker.


The Opinion:

As much as I've gotten tired of Harley's supporting cast in the past months, this probably was one of my favorite issues of late. There's good deal of this issue that isn't attempting to make jokes or go for gags, Harley gets down to business and is pretty serious. While the usual violence, cheesecake and whatever else you expect shows up, it was nice to have a varied tone throughout the issue, as like I've said earlier this week, we've gotten a fuck ton of Harley due to this book's success, and it all being super similar in tone has diluted the brand so to speak. Positives aside, I was expecting a bit more of Gotham in this issue... well, way more than one page. Damn that cover.

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