Wednesday, January 27, 2016

SPOILERS: Grayson #16

Yep, the book is still really great, but I still really don't like the direction it's been in since Helena's

The Spoilers:

So the short end of it is that Grayson and Tiger are taking down Spyral agents one by one, there's humor in it given the fact that Tiger kinda hates Dick, but hey, James Bond theme musical number, right?

Helena on the other hand decides it's time to stop fucking around, and threatens the Syndicate into working with Spyral to stop Dick and Tiger, so this includes Grifter, Frankenstein, King Faraday, Bronze Tiger and a couple of other faces who are either new or I've never heard of. 

Tiger gets wind of this and tells Dick they're fucked. Dick has an idea and strikes a deal with Maxwell Lord and Checkmate. 


The Opinion:

Still the same story. I don't like where this book's direction has been going, and it keeps getting deeper and deeper, which makes the possibility of it changing course all the more unlikely. Specifically, it mostly deals with Helena. I love Helena, loved her reintroduction in this series, wanted more of her... and now they're just sort of throwing it all out. History left unexplored? Bye. Dynamic between her and Dick that was super entertaining? Bye. Everything and everyone I've ever loved? Bye. Okay, little dramatic, but you get the point. It just sucks.

But the book is still really fucking good, I'm just pouting that shit I don't necessarily like is happening. It's a weird thing to deal with.

Similarly enough, I loved the "musical number," but for a 1/5 of a book I just paid a meal's worth of money for being taken up by a montage that doesn't quite amount to much, eeeeeh, it was a decent gag but the issue came off a little slim after speeding through those pages. 

SEE!? I'm torn!

Also, the fact that this addresses zero of Robin War, and also has Poppy, agent of Mother, yet in Batman and RobinEternal, Poppy is gone and Dick and Helena are working together just fine, same type of coordination issues as I had with We Are Robin this week.


  1. I actually think the humor has been super lame and forced lately, ever since the first arc it's really been slipping in just about every way except the art. Whereas before I would have been all for your theory about King and Seeley taking over Batman, I'm really not crazy about the idea at this point.

  2. Maybe I haven't been paying enough attention, but when is the last time Dick and Maxwell Lord met up? What is the reference to on that last page, with the dialog about "not knowing who he was"?

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  4. I agree the book hasn't been quite as good as of late. I wonder if that has to do with Seeley and King being pulled in a few more directions than they were before the book launched (King especially). I hope we get a strong wrap-up to King and Seeley's run. If I'm being optimistic, maybe the new creative team brings in a little new energy and peps it up a bit? I realize that usually doesn't happen; following work this good is tough. But here's hoping?

    Oh, and everything to do with Robin War? Seems pretty meaningless/pointless for the most part. Another money grab crossover, basically.

  5. Dude, where are you getting meals for $3.99? Taco Bell will *kill* you. :)

    I was wondering about Max and Dick's previous meeting too. A couple of those spy types were new but Tao is an established Wildstorm character. He figured heavily into Brubaker and Phillips' Sleeper which is amazing.

    1. I guess Dick is referring to "Grayson #11" where he fought a hypnos-disguised Agent 8 (Alia), who asked him "Who are YOU?"

      Dick gets knocked-out and only Tiger sees the big reveal that it is Alia. Later, Tiger lies and says that it was Maxwell Lord to protect Alia.

      Based upon that, Max should probably reply to Dick with, "Yes, last time we met, I said... WAIT. What are you talking about?" *And a gulping red-faced Tiger stands idly by, nervously tugging on his collar.*