Wednesday, January 13, 2016

SPOILERS: Gotham Academy #14

Gotham Academy takes a shift in direction for a couple of months and becomes an anthology type series... which in turn, makes this one kind of a hard write up as I'm usually doing this type of thing for continued storylines.

The Spoilers:

So Maps isn't allowed in the yearbook club, because she went a bit HAM on the whole club thing and started like a billion. So Olive and Maps decide to make their own version of the yearbook, containing off hand stories from their time at the school... here's where things get anthology...y!

We get multiple stories from multiple creative teams, some about Colton getting into trouble during prank week, or a story about how Maps things the Glee club is some zombie brain washing cult or something like that, and then Prof. McPherson, who went to the school in her youth, befriends a girl who seems to be apple to blink in and out of places annnnnnd later becomes an assassin or something? Sure. 


The Opinion:

So, this is weird. I don't usually go for books like this, but it's Gotham Academy and I like the series, so I might as well try? In terms of there being continuing stories here, it doesn't *seem* like there's a whole lot that's going to carry over to future storylines when the book goes back to normal, but then again, this book has surprised me. They're entertaining little stories but nothing that's anything worth really wrapping your brain around. What I did appreciate is the issue sort of exposed me to different styles and artists that I normally wouldn't pay attention to, so even if it was for this short little story, I thought it was cool to get a taste of Gotham Academy drawn in different styles... Also Dustin Nguyen is great in anything.

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