Wednesday, January 27, 2016

SPOILERS: Black Canary #7

Yo, this book got fuuuuuuuckin weird. Like, Neil deGrasse Tyson could talk about some shit in here pretty in-depth, weird.

The Spoilers:

So the short end of it is this: Ditto is a sound alien, the only one of her kind to physically manifest, so her sound people a threatened by her and have been trying to get her. Last issue both Ditto and Kurt had frequencies messed up and were outside of the space time continuum (dude, yeah) and now they're back, thus old man Kurt. 

So sound Godzilla is coming for Ditto, right? And they need to just blast that thing away, so that's why Kurt orchestrated everything with the band, even Bo getting kicked out so she could be the anti-Canary, that way the frequency of her cry and Dinah's cry would counter each other and go nuts on this monster.

See why I mean about the Tyson stuff? Yeah.

Anyways, so they fight, big ol' fight, things go well, then go bad, White Canary looking person shows up, helps save the day. Everyone is all "YAY." Oh yeah, Amanda Waller is there. Dittos DNA is in Kurt too now, she he offers himself up to Waller so she'll leave everyone else alone. Dinah gone.

Dinah in her childhood home. Or is she. She's either an adult or a kid, or maybe not. White Canary lady is there talking about some crazy shit and Dinah learning who she is.


The Opinion:

Talk about subverting expectations. Like I said, this book was just fucking weird, but weird in a pretty great way, because at the start of this series, who was expecting sound aliens and the space time continuum to come into play? There's still a lot of questions to ask, like what kind of questions Dinah is going to ask, is White Canary lady her mom? Is it Dinah? Is it fucking Superman? Who knows!? But I want to, I know that.

Annie Wu seems to be taking a break, as Sandy Jarrel will be on the next issue, and probably the next couple of that... and with Rebirth coming, who knows what's what, but she stole this issue. A good deal of the storytelling during the fight is done completely visually, and a lot like her issues of Hawkeye, Wu packs a punch into each panel, and composes some pages in really unique ways, like one page having 2/3's of it dedicated to a fight that takes place across sheet music. Safe to say, it's a really fucking cool looking issue.

So yeah, man, this book got weird, but I kind of loved it for that? And when it looks as good as it does, it can go as weird as it wants for all I care.

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