Wednesday, January 27, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #17

So, Batman walks into a bar and shoot's a kid's parents... ba dum tsh!

The Spoilers:

So Dick and Helena are totes just torturing David Cain to get him to talk and he's all "lol."

Meanwhile back in the past, Bruce totally does shoot that kid's parents, but it was rubber bullets, squibs, and the kid was a test who rats Batman out to Mother anyways, so fighting and stuff happens. You know, as comics do. Anyways, Mother is all "too bad, we were getting the real kid to be Robin as we speak" meaning some kid in Gotham is having their parents killed RIGHT NOW. Bruce is all "oh no!" but not after he puts Robin (Dick) over for helping draw out Mother, even if it was due to his mistakes. Anyways... look, let's just get to the meat here:

So back at St. Hardins, Harper lifts a key off a student and finds David Cain. Harper berates him, saying she saw what Sculptor showed her of Cassandra's past, SHAME. David is basically just like "oh really? I bet you didn't see it all!" Long story short, Cassandra probably killed Harper's mom and it was Harper who was intended to be taken by Mother.


The Opinion:

So I guess people caught on to the idea that Cass killed Harpers mom awhile ago. I clearly didn't, but when I read it in the comments here a couple weeks back, I thought it made sense. SURE! Why not? That's drama! Probably turn out better than that weird "are they shipping Harper and Cass" vibe I got from the series a couple issues back.


  1. The "student" from St. Hadrian's is actually the headmistress Miss Hexley from Batman Inc Leviathan Strikes and Grayson

  2. That Cass killed Harp's mother was obvious, BUT the twist that it was the ordered Robin for Batman is the twist I didn't see coming.

    I keep wanting to scream, "Come on, Harper is much younger than Dick, she couldn't have been around when Robin was starting out." Then I remembered in this continuity, Dick started at 16 and it was basically a summer internship.

    1. I had guessed the Harper-as-Robin thing a while back, because they said this story would address why Batman has had his eye on her for a while. I think it's kinda silly that Harper has gone from "representation of what life's like for normal poor kids who look up to Batman" to "costumed superhero who is better at tech stuff than even Red Robin and was targeted by a massive global conspiracy to be groomed into a servant for their leader" but what can you do.

  3. So assuming (and I think you're right) that Cassandra was targeting Harper at Mother's request, and in fact killed her mom, and that these actions were ostensibly taken to secure a new Robin for Batman - then Batman becomes (sort of) responsible for Harper's mom's death. (I mean, one could argue that Mother would have killed Mrs. Row anyway, but it's close enough that Batman at the very least would feel responsible.). Hence this being Batman's "greatest shame" or whatever they've called it.

    Harper may be able to get past it with Cassandra because something something mind control, but it's hard to imagine her wanting to remain part of Team Batman once all is revealed.