Wednesday, January 20, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #16

Spoilers of this issue is basically that it's the one with Azrael's faceturn. Wrasslin.

The Spoilers:

So Jason is being reprogrammed by whatever the Order of St. Dumas' tech is called, Azrael is pissed, Tim prods him on and he eventually turns on the Order, while Tim tries to help Jason snap out of it.

Basically, where Jason is seeing himself triumphant over Joker, Tim tries to convince him to accept what happened to him and to feel all the emotions he felt that night, it's the only way not to fall to the Order's brainwash. It does, cool scene with Jason handing Joker the crowbar, they escape with Azrael's help, calling Dick, telling them they figured out what Mother is using to control people now.

Flash back to that first flashback from the first issue where Bruce is about to shoot some kid's parents.


The Opinion:

Whole issue was worth it for that final scene between Jason and Joker... art on that patch looked kinda... not fantastic, so it took away a bit. That said, it was an action oriented issue with not a whole lot of plot outside of symbolic scenes and just figuring out what that tech thing that Mother uses is... Seriously, I just read "Itchy" every time I see the word, so safe to say, I'm never actually going to take the time to actually learn what is being said.


  1. I love(d) Tim Drake, but these past couple of issues have just been dreadful. Boring nonsense. A total millstone around the neck of this series.

    If DC's going to just admit that Jason Todd's only worthwhile storyline is being killed by Joker, they should just kill him off for good.

    1. They probably keep him around just because the character is useful for adaptation, even though it's only one story that's being adapted over and over again

  2. ... It seems like they pushed passed that in this very issue... I'm not sure when this was done before for it to be considered a repetitive story, but I want a red robin red hood book...