Wednesday, January 13, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #15

The cover of this issue is pretty telling... if you've ever thought "I could go for a good fight between Tim Drake and JPV right now," well then, here you go.

The Spoilers:

Azrael got bamboozled, so the Order thinks his faith is wavering, he believes it is not... But it's about to be tested as Tim Drake shows up to their secret city with a knocked out Jason Todd, and he wants to join. 

Tim is eventually invited in, is shown around and meets St. Dumas himself, who wants Tim to be the new Azrael, having lost faith in JPV. JPV is all "hell nah" so they fight to see who is worthy. Meanwhile, Jason is all breaking out because it's obviously a setup, so he snoops around and finds out the order has some bioprograming tech called Ichthys, which can program experiences into people's brains... Thus streamlining Mother's operations (that's the idea). 

So Tim and Jason get what they need, the connection to Mother, and try to bust out, but Dumas is pretty pissed, uses his tech to basically telepathically get a hold of Tim and then somehow he's able to activate Ichthys inside of Jason, having him flashback to his time with old Mistah J. Dumas claims from Jason's ashes, his new angel will rise, having given up on JPV and clearly Tim.

Also, the flashback this issue was Bruce and Dick getting ready to go to Egypt, as seen in the first issue.


The Opinion:

Cool issue, fun fight. That said, pretty much felt like 20 pages just to point out what the Ichthys stuff was. Rest of it was just a fight and typical comic tease of "MAYBE JASON IS SCREWED" but guess what, he ain't. I'll say it again, I'm interested in where they put Azrael after this series is over, because seriously, where do you put him? ...they can't just hold on to him for Eternal 3, like they did for Harper, right?


  1. I really wasn't a fan of this issue. Seemed like a lot of scenes of people making melodramatic speeches while pantomiming a fight. Tim claiming to want to join the Order was such an obvious feint that Dumas looked like an idiot for not immediately seeing through it.