Wednesday, January 6, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #14

Scarecrow was the mystery Robin given to Batman by Mother. There you go, mystery solved. Let's all go home. No need for the second half of the series.

The Spoilers:

So bomb going off in the past, that's bad. Also, robots? Bad too. Harper and Cass go off to try and shut down the robots while Dick fights David. David is all "I WAS THERE BATMAN LIES" back in the past story...

Speaking of which! In the past, Bruce and Dick tracked down Scarecrow, only Bruce had known where Scarecrow was for a good long time and already dismantled his bomb. Where Scarecrow wanted to be captured because Mother scared the shit out of him, Bruce is basically all "fuck that, you work for me now, so you're going to work for Mother and tell me everything." That's basically that.

Anyways, Cass and Harper in a spot, Dick beat David, barely, and used his controls to shut the bots down, they fly away before the nuke goes off, off to Spyral HQ to look for some answers. 


The Opinion:

This book just keeps on doing what it's doing, and it's pretty fun. The only thing I'm really left wanting is a reveal. Just give me something to tide me over, I don't want another Batman Eternal situation where everything is left for the final issue. I want there to be a crescendo, then some time to properly deal with the situation afterwards. No: "HA-HA! REVEAL!" ::fight: The end!" That said, this book's story is way more focused and straight forward than Eternal, so it's got that going for it.

Weird thing... What's with Cass and Harper? I mean... this issue is just straight up tumblr bait on a few pages. Are they going for that, or is the art just portraying a vibe it shouldn't be. Either way, no. That's weird. What's happening? Stop that. ::sprays water bottle::


  1. Pretty much setting up the "Cass killed Harper's mother" reveal

  2. I prefer Cass/Harper to Cass/Steph. Never liked Stephanie Brown. You can rag on Harper for being a "pet character", but she's already endlessly more interesting than Stephanie Brown ever was in any continuity.

    But clearly they're making Harper and Cass really close so that when Harper discovers Cass killed her mother it will be extra rough on both of them and destroy their relationship.

    1. "I prefer Cass/Harper to Cass/Steph."

      You and me, let's take this outside.

    2. I just never liked Stephanie overall. I always felt like she was Tim Drake's tumor. And they kept teaming her up with Cassandra, a far superior character who deserved better than being saddled with a terrible one like Stephanie. Harper is already more interesting than Tim's hanger-on.

  3. You need to read Bryan Q. Miller's batgirl. Basically Ms Marvel before Ms Marvel

  4. I've been really enjoying Batman & Robin Eternal and I hope it keeps being this good until the end. I also would like to get a lot of reveals approaching the last numbers so that the last couple of issues could be the heroes in lots of troubles running against time to solve them and defeat Mother instead of the heroes still looking for answers.