Wednesday, January 20, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman #48

Oh, James Gordon and Mr. Bloom are in this book? I hadn't noticed.

The Spoilers:

Somewhere, some scientists turn on their atom collider and shit goes bad. I'm sure it means something.

Meanwhile Bloom is growing bigger, carrying Gordon around the city, talking about how Gotham is a wild meadow, metaphors, all that stuff... He put seeds throughout the city for people to use or something. Talks about his origin a bit? Kinda of... but who cares because the Gordon's story is so overshadowed by Bruce, it isn't even fair anymore.

So before the shit totally hits the fan, Bruce is having his conversation with the Joker, and boy is it tense. Joker talks around a lot of things that make you (and Bruce) question what he's really talking about. Turns out that after Endgame, the man that was the Joker felt lost, and he had been planning on offing himself at the very spot they both sit, but he moved on, found a job a new life, and so on. He really doesn't want things to go back to the way there were. What things? The way what was? Well, that's up for debate. Bruce gets a little freaked out by this conversation, but shit starts going bad, so he rushes back to the youth center to find Julie and all the kids. Before he does so, he glances back and the Joker is nowhere to be found.

Back in the Youth Center, Bruce and Julie try to plan to get all the kids out of there, but one of them, the girl from last issue who drew Bloom, found a seed, used it in hopes that she could be Batman and fight Bloom or something. It's bad. Shit goes bad all over, everyone wants to use Blooms seeds for some reason, that atom collider is still going nuts, Bloom goes all tentacle porn on Gordon and Duke finds out his parents are dead or something.

Fast forward to Alfred sitting alone watching the chaos unfold on TV. The door starts banging, Alfred starts freaking out, Bruce kicks down the door and demands to be taken to his cave.


The Opinion:

Seriously... Remember when I was saying shit like "it's been a good deal of issues and we haven't gotten any info on who Bloom is." Yeah well, I'm pretty sure we get some hints here, but god damn if I can remember, because like I've said, Gordon has been outclassed by Bruce's story, because shit that scene on the bench is good. There's a part where you can interpret it as Joker literally begging Bruce not to go back to what he was, so he doesn't have to go back too. It's super crazy and super well done... But man, I was ready to be into this Gordon story after not being to hot on the idea prior to the announcement, and now it's just the furthest thing from my mind. I mean... BRUCE. Bloom? Gordon? Who caaaaaaaaaares?


  1. Guessing Bloom is Peter Duggio's sick dad from #44. Gets sick, loses both sons and his store, recovers, seeks revenge etc. Note in #44 they kept focusing on the flowers in his hospital room.

  2. But Bloom himself is the cause of Peter Duggio's death and we see this?

    1. *A* Bloom gives Peter the seed that eventually causes his death. But as we've seen there can be more than one.