Wednesday, January 20, 2016

SPOILERS: Batgirl #47

Spoiler throws a friggen phone at some dude's head. Enough said.

The Spoilers:

Someone leaked her privately gathered info to the GCPD, so Babs wants to find out who with the help of Frankie and Stephanie... who brings in her own back-up, Harper. The quad... what's the word for trio, except four? I don't know, THE FOUR PEOPLE hatch a plan and into the GCPD they go, after a meeting for coffee between Babs and her dad (where she talks about her brain stuff).

There's also this thing with Babs having an old friend stay with her for the week, Frankie thinks he's a creep who is super into panties. BUT GUESS WHAT. Given Babs' faltering mind, I'm betting she never had a friend Greg and he's the creepy shadow thing fucking with her head each night.  That's the real reason why her dad can't remember him. YEP. 

Anyways, into the GCPD Babs and Steph go, dressed as cops, while Blue Bird monitors the on-site tech while Frankie does it remotely. Basically Babs finds out that she leaked the info the police but has no memory. Lockout happens, fights happen, Steph throws a phone, they get away.

Babs talks to Luke about how she's freaking out unable to remember this shit, when Qadir comes in talking about how he thinks he schematics she got from that Gotham Academy story can probably create renewable energy. Later Babs is hesitant to trust herself, wondering if the device could potentially backfire and destroy the city. That night, Slenderman, or whoever, manipulates Babs memories into making her believe she thought it was a good idea to build the machine and she should absolutely do it.


The Opinion: 

My opinion can best be summed up by this panel.

No other words need to be said.

Other than I'm watching you, Greg.

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