Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Let's Talk About These Rumors

So there rumor floating around now is that Scott Snyder will be leaving Batman, which is reportedly going bi-weekly and will remain somewhat "event" driven, in favor for a return to Detective Comics. Snyder's rumored reasoning is he won't be pressured to keep up and can continue to tell the stories he would like to. On top of this, it's pretty much been confirmed by Greg Capello, who will re-team with Scott Snyder somewhere down the line for something after his project with Mark Millar has been completed. Snyder's already talked about future stories he'd like to tell with Batman, so he's obviously going to need a place to do that, and Detective Comics is the best fit for very obvious reasons.

My take on this?

Yeah, that lines up. Makes sense.

Pretty much all I can say on that one. I've been teasing pretty hard for awhile now that I've heard something a ways back, and if what I heard is happening, and this is that, then fucking a you guys, we're in for a treat. Honestly, it's in a "too good to be true" category for me as it was hard to believe to begin with. Regardless, none of this is my announcement to make (or leak) so I'll remain hush hush from here on out.

But who takes over Batman in Snyder's wake? If the title is going bi-weekly and remaining "event" driven, it seems pretty clear that DC would like it to be an Eternal-lite series, and considering my thoughts on Batman Eternal's follow up and how it should've been bi-weekly (prior to B&R Eternal's announcement), I'm okay with that. So for a writer, why not get someone who has experience on weeklies... but that's a lot for one writer to handle, so how about two...

How about we get the Grayson writing team?

That's my educated guess here... Actually, I'm kinda just taking a half-hearted shot at this, because Tim Seeley and Tom King are leaving Grayson (forever maybe since all these books are probably getting relaunched?) but they've also said they're not done with Dick and have plans for him that stretch into the entire DCU... What better place to tell that story than the newly relaunched bi-weekly best seller?

I'd love to see that happen. I've been a Tim Seeley fan for years, and Tom King has blown up in the best way recently, I had even just randomly said I'd nominate him to replace Snyder if that time ever came (and apparently it has). I've said regularly that Grayson rivals Batman as my favorite DC book, so I see nothing but good coming from this idea. MAKE IT SO, DIDIO.

Also, Mark Silvestri's Batman related book is apparently happening... maybe. I'll believe it when I see it, I guess.


  1. I'll miss Snyder on the main title. 'Tec gets no respect, and deservedly so, because it's been a mess for years (though I was mostly enjoying Tomasi's, and I wonder what they'll be doing with him). Snyder's run is my favorite since probably Greg Rucka, but maybe his 'Tec run will be as good. I mean, he's still writing Batman, and he could do with some smaller-scale stories. It just doesn't make sense to place the MVP in a different book when he's killing it in sales. That's like when they forced Leno out of The Tonight Show (only for him to muscle his way back in before he left for good).

    As for who takes over for the big book, the Grayson team would be interesting, since they're also killing it lately. I wouldn't mind if Marguerite Bennett, Snyder's student, did an arc or two and then they alternated writers like back in the day (the day being the Bronze Age of comics). Her Batman Annual 2 was interesting, and she'd carry on the Snyder legacy and be one of the few female writers for a main Batman book.

    1. Before Rucka and Snyder, Dini's Detective run from the early 800s to issue 850 was very good. 'Tec has never been good during the New 52. IMO Tony Daniel's initial launch was bad, and the book just got worse from there.

    2. Ah, that's right. Dini's run was excellent. "Trust" was my favorite, the two-parter with Batman, Zatanna, and Joker that was a follow-up both to "Slayride" and events from Identity Crisis. I also think "Heart of Hush" may be the only truly good Hush-related story (own a copy of that in trade).

  2. I was thinking much the same thing recently -- Seeley and King on Batman as their big plans outside of Grayson. I hope you're right and that's what it is. It would make too much sense... Uh oh.

  3. Here's an off-the-wall theory: what if Dick is going to return for a stint in the cape and cowl? Some thoughts on the this:

    1. Synder returning to 'Tec where he wrote one of the best Dick-as-Batman stories.

    2. Grayson team (maybe) coming to Batman

    3. FHiz excited about something coming up - which I take to be Damian-related since he has been sorely underused in Gotham since his return. If he heard wind of a Dick/Damian partnership that would be something I'd consider 'too good to be true'

    4. 'Reborn' was the title of Morrison's first arc with Dick as Batman and all the batbooks were had that banner for a while.

    Of course having Bruce out of the suit for nearly a year makes this a very very unlikely theory - but it has been done before (Prodigal post-Knightsend) - so there could be a justification that Bruce-with-memories still needs some time to adjust before fully becoming Batman again.

    Just my two-cents/hopes.

    (also not sure why my Google account show up as 'unknown' whenever I comment here)