Sunday, January 31, 2016

Stack Rundown, 01/31/2016

Late...ish again, I had somewhere around 5 books left to read this morning. I blame The Witness. Great game, but holy shit do I want it out of my life right now. Been banging my head up against the wall up until the end. Preparing myself to attempt "the challenge" now. Ugh. Comics, though.

Friday, January 29, 2016

The Fill-in is Coming, The Fill-in is Coming!

Remember back when the New 52 was announced, we had Flashpoint going on alongside a number of remaining regular DC books... then the creative teams for those books started to drop like flies and we were left with months of what essentially was fill-in or inventory issues to wrap up a series? Yeah, well, we're probably going to get more of that soon.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that a number of books, relevant to this site, are switching up creative teams as whatever the hell Rebirth is, draws closer. Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly are taking over Grayson sooner than solicited, meaning Tom King, Tim Seeley and Mikel Janin just released their final issue of Grayson together this week. Elsewhere, Ray Fawkes and Ramon Bachs will be on more issues of Robin: Son of Batman, and considering that I couldn't get through half of their first issue, as it felt like generic side story material (because it was), that's equally not great news.

So it's safe to say, there may be a time where we get a preview for any given issue and I go "NOPE, not covering that." Grayson is a hard one to drop... but this is some serious bullshit. I get this probably means the creative team is doing something else for Rebirth, but an art switch in the middle of an arc sucks enough, but the writers too? That sucks more. On the Robin: Son of Batman side of things, there's creative team changes, then there's "we're not actually announcing this change, but just need someone to clean up before we reboot it." So, I'll say it right now, out of principal, I'm not reading any of the non-Gleason Robin issues.

Don't be surprised if this happens in other series throughout DC's line before Rebirth. It's exactly what happened during Flashpoint. Creators went on to get ahead on their new projects and we were left with months of meaningless content from creative teams of a quality well below the previous team's quality. It sucks!

But yo man... have you ever thought "Scooby Doo would be so much better with tribal tattoos," then have I got some good news for you.

Batman and Robin Eternal #18 Preview

And I mean, I'm pretty sure Shaggy has tribal tattoos too. WHAT YEAR IS IT?!

(Source: 13th Dimension)

Batgirl #48 Preview

"Batgirl and Black Canary together again!" here's that guy with the relationship that seemed super forced. Boooooo, what's next, tribal tattoos on old cartoon chara--wait.

I honestly don't know what I'm going for here, but I'm guessing that this isn't going to be the issue that makes me go "This Batgirl Batwing thing feels like it fits!" Also, why does Freddy have tribal tattoos, WHY?!

(Source: Comicosity)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Looking Forward: February 3rd, 2016

It's time for February, and Rebirth inches ever closer... whatever the hell it is.
  • Batman and Robin Eternal #18: The issue where we might find out that Harper's new BFF probably killed her mom. Awkward!
  • Batgirl #48: GREG!
Detective Comics comes out next week too, but I dropped it, because it's pointless, so don't expect to hear anything from me about it!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Let's Talk About These Rumors

So there rumor floating around now is that Scott Snyder will be leaving Batman, which is reportedly going bi-weekly and will remain somewhat "event" driven, in favor for a return to Detective Comics. Snyder's rumored reasoning is he won't be pressured to keep up and can continue to tell the stories he would like to. On top of this, it's pretty much been confirmed by Greg Capello, who will re-team with Scott Snyder somewhere down the line for something after his project with Mark Millar has been completed. Snyder's already talked about future stories he'd like to tell with Batman, so he's obviously going to need a place to do that, and Detective Comics is the best fit for very obvious reasons.

My take on this?

Yeah, that lines up. Makes sense.

Pretty much all I can say on that one. I've been teasing pretty hard for awhile now that I've heard something a ways back, and if what I heard is happening, and this is that, then fucking a you guys, we're in for a treat. Honestly, it's in a "too good to be true" category for me as it was hard to believe to begin with. Regardless, none of this is my announcement to make (or leak) so I'll remain hush hush from here on out.

But who takes over Batman in Snyder's wake? If the title is going bi-weekly and remaining "event" driven, it seems pretty clear that DC would like it to be an Eternal-lite series, and considering my thoughts on Batman Eternal's follow up and how it should've been bi-weekly (prior to B&R Eternal's announcement), I'm okay with that. So for a writer, why not get someone who has experience on weeklies... but that's a lot for one writer to handle, so how about two...

How about we get the Grayson writing team?

That's my educated guess here... Actually, I'm kinda just taking a half-hearted shot at this, because Tim Seeley and Tom King are leaving Grayson (forever maybe since all these books are probably getting relaunched?) but they've also said they're not done with Dick and have plans for him that stretch into the entire DCU... What better place to tell that story than the newly relaunched bi-weekly best seller?

I'd love to see that happen. I've been a Tim Seeley fan for years, and Tom King has blown up in the best way recently, I had even just randomly said I'd nominate him to replace Snyder if that time ever came (and apparently it has). I've said regularly that Grayson rivals Batman as my favorite DC book, so I see nothing but good coming from this idea. MAKE IT SO, DIDIO.

Also, Mark Silvestri's Batman related book is apparently happening... maybe. I'll believe it when I see it, I guess.

Batman and Robin Eternal #17 Preview

I'm pretty curious how they get out of Batman shooting some kids parents. Because, yeah, no, there's no way.

Also, hooray double dose of Grayson this week.

(Source: Comic Vine)

We Are Robin #8 Preview

I don't know about you, but I think brining the Jokerz into this book is a pretty damn smart idea.

(Source: USA Today)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Grayson #16 Preview

Good, this preview is out, now Twitter can get populated with it when you search for "Grayson 16," compared to what the top result was awhile ago... I'm not saying it was a dude spreading 'em ready for entry... but I'm not saying it wasn't either.

Fucking twitter.

(Source: Newsarama)

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Stack Rundown, 01/24/2016

Here I am, brazing the blizzard to bring you all the thoughts on the other comics I read this week... from the warmth and safety of my home... But man, shoveling snow is the worst.

Friday, January 22, 2016

So DC is (Probably) Relaunching All Their Books

Bleeding Cool ran a story that DC was relaunching all their series, and now Jim Lee and Dan Didio both tweeted this. So yeah, expect a relaunch in June with new #1s. May is the the month where the remaining original New 52 titles reach issue #52, so June would make sense.

There's this thing I've heard (and been teasing a bit lately because I'm getting fucking anxious sitting on it for three or four months) that would fit in line with it. It's cool.

Also, before everyone freaks out, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this is going to be a big marketing thing rather than a continuity reboot. Think Marvel's "reboots" of the recent years.

Black Canary #7 Preview

This book is going some strange places.

(Source: Uproxx)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Looking Forward: January 27th, 2016

One month down already.
  • Batman and Robin Eternal #17: I bet Batman didn't actually shoot those kids parents. BIG STRETCH there, I know.
  • Grayson #16: Winner of goofiest Grayson cover so far.
  • We Are Robin# 8: More like We Are Jokerz, right guys?
  • Black Canary #7: Dinah punches record executives or something? I don't know!
Comics are comics!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman #48

Oh, James Gordon and Mr. Bloom are in this book? I hadn't noticed.

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #16

Spoilers of this issue is basically that it's the one with Azrael's faceturn. Wrasslin.

SPOILERS: Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death #1

I'm just going to say up front that I'd like to see this book be more than a mini series... Maybe a new ongoing when the book ends that's just called Poison Ivy, because that title is a bit of a mouthful.

SPOILERS: Batgirl #47

Spoiler throws a friggen phone at some dude's head. Enough said.

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #24

I really feel like this book pulled a bait and switch with the cover. Left wanting.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Harley Quinn #24 Preview

C'mon, Joker. Let's go Joker. Go and off Mason! He's a crappy character! Do it!

(Source: Uproxx)

Batman Group April 2016 Solicitations

Woo boy... This is a confusing batch of solicits. Let's just get to the bulleted list of what's different this month.
  • The Detective team is still Tomasi and Pasarin, but they're also on Action Comics, so I'm betting something has to give there... Still not covering that book anymore.
  • Sandy Jarell is drawing Black Canary. 
  • Batgirl is written only by Brenden Fletch Eleanor Carlini. Probably a single issue thing, as I feel like I just saw tweets with Fletcher and Stewart talking about planning. And Batgirl is supposed to have some big story this year, so it makes sense to give Tarr some time off.
  • Grayson has a creative team of writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelley with art by Carmine di Giandomenico. I've tweeted at the regular creative team to see if I can get word about whether or not this is a short time thing. Don't know how to interpret this tweet from Lanzing. UPDATE: It's a temporary thing. Something big is coming from Seeley and King. No word on Janin yet.
  • Harley's Little Black Book will be illustrated by Joseph Michael Lisner, and it will co-star Zatanna.
  • John Timms is illustrating Harley Quinn while Chad Hardin is on break.
  • That Robin: Son of Batman solicit is actually the solicit for tomorrow's issue...
And that's it... a big WTF at that Grayson news. Please be short term, please be short term. Seeley's love for Morrison Bat mythology and Tom King's experience in the CIA made for the perfect writing combo all made pretty by Mikel Janin. God damn it, if they're off the title. God damn it.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death #1 Preview

I'm pretty sure this is like 80% the same preview we got a couple weeks back, but I'm too lazy to check that out... Got Assassins Creed to play.

(Source: HitFix)

Dead Horse Report: More Harley Quinn in April

So Harley Quinn got super popular for DC, and rightfully so, it's a fun book. So then the special one-shots came, like Harley going to SDCC. Clever. Annuals followed that, because why wouldn't then. Then DC tried to make the book ship twice a month (which might happen again), which didn't work because the writers couldn't keep up... Then more specials and Annuals came... then a spin-off mini series with Power Girl... then an oversized bi-monthly book... now another special... and another mini-series.

Good god DC... slow the fuck down already.

Batman and Robin Eternal #16 Preview

Get to the part where Batman (supposedly) shoots some kid's parents!

(Source: Newsarama)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Stack Rundown, 01/17/2016

I forgot to do this post, probably because I'm still looking at all my comics on an iPad Pro's screen. Yep. Bought one. Dropped probably too much money on a super cumbersome tablet, but having a specific need/use for the size, it was totally worth it, all these books look so fucking good.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Batman #48 Preview

Gordon is getting his head twisted off or something and Bruce is just chilling on a bench somewhere, talking about his finger paintings to the Joker. GET A JOB!

(Source: AV Club)

Robin: Son of Batman #8 Preview

Where I forgot to put B&RE on the Looking Forward post, I didn't exactly forget this one. It's an inventory issue, on top of that, it's an inventory issue in a already stacked week. I doubt it will be worth my time to write anything about it. Nevertheless, here's the preview.

Also, Ramon Bachs' work looks a lot better than I remember.

(Source: 13th Dimension)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Batgirl #47 Preview

BLAH BLAH BLAH, words. Let me see some of that Moritat art.

Seriously. One of my favorite artists DC hardly ever uses anymore.

(Source: Comic Vine)

Looking Forward: January 20th, 2016

Hey, a new #1 issue is coming out, and I have high hopes for it. Comics are saved!
  • Batman #48: Get your GorBat fill now, cus I'm probably not going to be covering Detective anymore, so this might be it.
  • Batman and Robin Eternal #16: I forgot to add this one originally, but yeah, this one too.
  • Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death #1: This book looks great, Poison Ivy is pretty rad, I hope this book is good!
  • Batgirl #47: Babs got a weird technological slender man following her? That can't be good, right?
  • Harley Quinn #24: Harley goes back to Arkham! Does she change her look to Margot Robbie's look in this issue? Probably not, but that's still weird, right?
Comics are coming!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #15

The cover of this issue is pretty telling... if you've ever thought "I could go for a good fight between Tim Drake and JPV right now," well then, here you go.

SPOILERS: Robin War #2

With this being a fairly large issue, and it being late... I'm just going to get to the point with this one.

SPOILERS: Gotham Academy #14

Gotham Academy takes a shift in direction for a couple of months and becomes an anthology type series... which in turn, makes this one kind of a hard write up as I'm usually doing this type of thing for continued storylines.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Gotham Academy #14 Preview

I have no idea what we're getting from the next number of issues or what it means longterm. Having a bunch of creators do short stories for a couple of months sounds like sort of a send off thing, right?


(Source: Newsarama)

Robin War #2 Preview

I hope this story has a decent pay off, because up until know it's been pretty... I don't know.

(Source: CBR)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Stack Rundown, 01/10/2016

I woke up with a hangover today not fully understanding how many books I had actually bought this week... Turns out it was a lot of books.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Batman's Getting a New Greg Capullo Designed Look

Ever since we found out Bruce was coming back... which realistically, was the second he was announced to no longer be Batman, but whatever, I had been wondering if he'd get a new look upon his return. Superman got one, Flash got one, Aquaman got one, Wonder Woman got one (and might be going back to the old, which is great), so why not Bats?

Well, he is... There you have it! Ace reporting here to start off the new year.

(Source: Greg Capullo's Twitter)

Looking Forward: January 13th, 2015

More weeks in this new year, more comics, because that's just how this all works.
  • Batman and Robin Eternal #15: I don't know, Azrael is going to do something? 
  • Robin War #2: This story wraps up, and I might be underwhelmed! 
  • Gotham Academy #14: I don't know what this story arc is supposed to be, but I bet it could be the beginning of the end :(

Monday, January 4, 2016

Batman and Robin Eternal #14 Preview

See, I predicted flashback issue and we got a flashback issue. I. WAS. RIGHT.

Sure, I looked at the cover and guessed it... BUT I WAS STILL RIGHT!

(Source: Crave Online)

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Stack Rundown, 01/03/2016

It's a new year in comics, and we haven't yet had a controversy for people to rightly or for tumblr reasons, get mad at. KEEP IT UP GUYS! Sure, it has only been 3 days out of 366, but it's a good start? That leap year though, we've got a whole extra day for some bullshit to happen! Got to watch out.