Sunday, December 27, 2015

Stack Rundown, 12/27/2015

It's the last Stack Rundown of the year, and I've managed to put down the gin and tonics long enough to write about (let alone read) comics. So, shall we?

Dark Knight III: The Master Races #2

So this book is pretty fucking cool. It’s just really fun, has a bunch of attitude, and does action really well. From Carrie escaping to Ray Palmer getting stepped on to the “I’m not an Amazon, I’m Kryptonian” bit, it all made for a really good issue that seems to be building up quite a bit. The only thing I really dislike is that standard sort of Miller dialogue, specifically here in Carrie’s dialogue. It’s just jarring and doesn’t flow. Not as bad as the mutants speaking, but still, I just kind of hate it, always have.

Titans Hunt #3

This book sure is taking its time. I’m in this to see just how whatever happens gets accomplished… and it sure seems like the ol DC changing things as they go ideas are in effect. Look at the solicited cover of #2! Hawk and Dove, Don Hall Dove to be exact. Look at the printed cover? Removed! End of this issue? Dawn Granger Dove! Yep. Other than that, I have the feeling that whoever is screwing with the former Titans is going to be as obscure and irrelevant as Caveman Boy or whoever the hell that character is.

Extraordinary X-Men #4

And to think, I was just getting used to the idea that they really weren’t going to have Cyclops around for awhile, because man, I, like a lot of people, just got plain tired of the character. So I guess he’s some sort of Mutant/Inhuman bastard thanks to Mr. Sinister? Eh, maybe he won’t be so far up his own ass anymore? But yeah, feels kind of cheep to bring him back so soon, and it feels even sooner due to the accelerated release of these issues.

Deadpool #4

So why do I get the feeling that Madcap isn’t the big bad guy here? Also, I’m kind of getting bored.

Daredevil #2

This book is still pretty cool. There’s probably some bigger universe stuff I’m not too up to speed on, like the group at the end, The Hand or whatever? I think I remember them from that Sex & Violence mini, but thats about it. Mystic ninjas or some shit? Sure. But yeah, I wouldn’t say I’m sitting here like “I’m becoming a Daredevil fan!” not yet at least, but Charles Soule’s writing is always pretty great and Ron Garney’s art is on point, so I’m enjoying this book quite a bit.

Nameless #6

…fucking, what? I remember reading the first issue of this series going “I think I grasp whats happening” and then fast forward to the end of the series and fucking nothing is real, everything is nothing, nihilism and more nihilism. But Chris Burnham’s art sure is crazy! This is just one of those things where I read and just need it to be explained to me afterwards… preferably by Morrison himself. Someone, get on that.

Saga #32

So, consider me wrong, I guess? Way back when, like two arcs ago, I was pretty convinced that this book was going the route of Marko and Alana getting space divorced, after all, Hazel did pretty much explicitly say it. But here they are… not space divorced… could happen eventually, but not right now, so it isn’t as much as a bummer as I thought it was going to be! Hooray? Hooray. This issue makes it seem like things are going to be a little less drama and a bit more adventure, so I’m pretty okay with that.

Pretty Deadly #7

Man, this is one pretty book. Pun intended? I guess? Not really… because I’m serious, this book looks fucking good. Rios and Bellaire are a heavyweight team to contend with, thats for sure. Anyways, I like where this issue left things with the rogue reaper. If next issue is a fight between him and the team of Alice and Ginny, then sign me up, because I’m sure it’ll look fantastic. The story is still super… ethereal in a way, and I like it, but man, the art is so good… Also, as with every issue, I must mention that “Deathface Ginny” is the most badass character name there ever was.

Chew #53

I’d be super interested to see what the original outline for the 60 issue plan was, because if I’m reading this issue correctly, John Layman is saying that this Earth was due to be inhabited by upright walking chicken people, and the mysterious force that has been surrounding the entire series is set to correct the mistake of the rise of humans over chicken people… Fucking sure, okay, that sounds great. But I just want to see how that idea was given birth to. Anyways… I’m just Mason going to fuck over Tony one more time resulting in someone’s death, then his. UHOHS.

Deadly Class #17

MAN. This book did not waste time coming back from the break. Basically, this arc seems like it’s just going to be a bunch of kids killing each other, Battle Royale style, except possibly way crazier. This was potentially my favorite read of the week due to it being so balls to the wall crazy from page one. If the entire arc is like this, kids killing and conspiring against each other, then count me the fuck in with having it on the top of my reading list each month.

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  1. Re: Nameless, right there with you.

    Re: Deadly Class, it's Remender in full Remender Mode.

    Re: Daredevil, The Hand are like you say a mystical ninja club. If I remember correctly, Stick (this mythic blind guy who trained Matt Murdock) had some connection to The Hand. Frank Miller created both The Hand and the Stick character during his classic Daredevil run from 1979-83 as a way of explaining how Matt Murdock became a badass (other than his super powers). So yeah, they've sort of been a long-running feature in Daredevil's world. They've done some evil stuff like resurrecting Daredevil's love Elektra after she was killed by Bullseye (also during Miller's run).

    If you ever feel like reading some classic comics, Miller's Daredevil is about as classic 80s as it gets. I think it's quite good and definitely is the definitive version of the character that we know today.

    The best contemporary runs on Daredevil are probably Brian Michael Bendis' from 2001-2006, and Ed Brubaker's which comes right after and was sort of a continuation of BMB's work.

    So, I probably just shared way more about Daredevil than you care to know. But now you know, I guess.