Sunday, December 20, 2015

Stack Rundown, 12/20/2015

Merry Christmas or something! I read a shit ton of books this week so it's a real slim write up for each issues. Maybe a couple sentences is all you get!

Batman Europa #2

Still not sure if this one is real. The jump between countries kind of lost me in some parts. Had no idea why anything in this issue was actually happening and I felt like I hat a pretty big lack of Joker. Joker doesn’t work well in fighting big wooden robots? I don’t know, weird issue.

Secret Six #9

Still really liking this book but for whatever reason, this issue seemed kind of hard to follow. The action on the pages just didn’t seem to be in order. Maybe it was a fuck up on the digital end, it’s happened before, but that scene underwater just didn’t seem to flow all that well. I also question how connected Swamp Thing is to magic as he’s been pretty heavily established as a literal force of nature in his own book.

Justice League #46

I missed like all of those Darkseid War one shots and don’t feel like I missed a whole lot, especially since like none of those particular characters were in this issue. They’re all gods for some reason now? Sure, I don’t know. This story arc sure is going on for a pretty long time. I also love how no one gives a fuck about Earth 2 continuity. 

Red Horn #2

I forgot to mention this book after I read the first issue. I think its pretty alright. I’m in it for Meghan Hetrick’s artwork. Don’t know a whole lot about Scottish Mythology, but hey, Meghan Hetrick’s art is pretty great, so hell, I’ll read it and see where it goes.

Tokyo Ghost #4

So the shit hit the fan in this issue and Led done relapsed. If anything, this issue made me really want one of the high end anime studios to adapt this book into an OVA or something. The action scene in this made me really think how cool it would be for a really good animation studio to adapt Sean Murphy’s style. It’ll probably never happen, but it’s one of those things that should in a perfect world.

Invincible #126

Oh, am I sorry, did I predict the end of this arc on the day the first issue was solicited? I DID? Gee, who saw that coming? Seriously. I saw reactions like “OH MAN WHAT?!” to the ending which was Mark came back from a different dimension and everything got changed, and you know what those people are? Fucking marks. Drink the koolaid more you guys, this is like the fifth fucking time this exact ending has happened!

The Goddamned #2

This book is still really fucking cool and gruesome. This issue has Cain going “I tried to kill myself a whole bunch but it never works” so that basically just says “Yo, some violent shit is probably gonna happen” which is alright by me. I love this book for the same reason I love Southern Bastards depicting such a down and dirty version of the south, this is a down and dirty version of the bible.

The Beauty #5

Book is still pretty alright, lady cop is probably gonna die next issue? I don’t know. Seems like… whatever happened to her with that cure seemed to be pretty fucked… ain’t so beautiful now. This book is kinda weird in a way that they’re depicting this big world shaking thing in such a small intimate setting. Don’t know how I feel about it. I mean, I keep reading clearly, but it was just sort of a shower thought after reading.

I Hate Fairyland #3

Not really a book you can come up with in depth thoughts about… at least I can’t. It’s still really dumb and amazing at the same time. The gag with the time passing and the bug guy building a house, having a family, having the family leave and then getting drunk leading to him burning down the house was the best gag in the book, by far.

The Wicked + The Divine #17

Yo man. Fuck cats. DOGS RULE.

Descender #8

I didn’t really think this issue added a whole lot to Andy. He was a kid with no friends that’s why he wanted a robot friend and then the robots killed everything. The end? Yeah, it’s all stuff you could have sort of assumed, not sure how much “no real friends” really adds since we all pretty knew he was super into Tim being his friend when he was a kid.

Klaus #2

This book is so strange in that it doesn’t seem like a Grant Morrison book at all. It is incredibly straight forward and simple to follow. No chaos magick or 5th dimension concepts… Just Santa origins with him trying to bring joy to a joyless town. It’s fun, and Dan Mora, who I had never heard of before, sure can draw the shit out of viking woodsman Santa. Cool book…. think they should have maybe scheduled it a bit more to maybe have it wrap up around then instead of being on issue 2 of 6, but ehhhh, it’s Morrison.

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  1. Klaus not Morrison-y enough? What about the silver blob alien spirits that helped Santa build the toys in the first issue? My girlfriend was reading the issue, stopped, turned to me, and said, "Oh, there it is."