Sunday, December 13, 2015

Stack Rundown, 12/13/2015

Surprisingly enough, this was one of the lighter weeks for comics I've had in awhile. Felt good... Still didn't have time to read most of the books until today, but at least I didn't have to read 8 or so in one sitting.

Catwoman #47

So I had no intention of reading this. I’ve stated my reasons before, no need to get into that. But here’s the thing, DC releases their comics digitally real early in the morning, and I wake up real early in the morning. I don’t know about you, but when I wake up, I haven’t really woken up. So I’m in zombie mode just buying all my comics and out of habit, I clicked on this one. So, might as well read it, paid $3 for it… annnnnnnd, it’s alright. It’s a “back to basics” Catwoman story for better or for worse. Selina goes on a heist, shit goes bad, that’s the set up. As I predicted going in, it’s nothing special, and it does somethings like introduce another fence who Selina has known all her life apparently, and guess what, HE DIES… Just like Lola in the first couple of issues. Then some Ann Nocenti character gets used and I almost puked. Regardless, though it has problems or doesn’t strive to be anything more than a lowest common denominator Catwoman story, it does well by itself and is enjoyable. Inaki Miranda’s art is phenomenal though, and was the real selling point for me. I HATED his work when I first saw it on Birds of Prey years back, but he’s improved so much since then and his current style is a thing of beauty. So yeah… It’s okay. Looks fantastic. Not going to start covering it again, because I don’t think it’s worth it nor am I convinced we’re not going to hear that it’s cancelled with tomorrow’s solicitations, but hey… I’ll read it at least?

Scarlet Witch #1

I think this was the last of the new Marvel books (that I know of or can remember) that I wanted to try out randomly… and well, yeeeeeah, not for me. It was just one of those books where for whatever reason, it didn’t grab me from the get go, so I’m just breezing past pages not really retaining any information on it. It just feels like a post Hawkeye Fraction/Aja Marvel book that lacks the charm that title had. Character, not being an Avenger, in NYC, has some problems… Eeh. Yeah, not a book for me. I will say that Jordie Bellaire’s colors really stood out. I can usually recognize a lot of colorists by the color palette they use, but this book really didn’t look like any other I’ve seen from Bellaire.

Uncanny Avengers #3

So Cable showed up! And he shot a whole bunch of things. That’s about it. This book is fun in a dumb super hero action type of way, but when you really look at it, not much happens in this issue. Seriously, Cable shows up. We find out the bad guy is the Inhuman on the team’s grandpa… Okay? While it’s fun in a “turn off my brain” type of way, it’s just super shallow, and that’s where I’m starting to have that creeping thought in the back of my head of “man, remember when this book was insanity on every page?” Yeeeeeeeah… Still not as bad as Uncanny X-Force vol. 2, but this isn’t doing the book’s title any favors.

Deadpool #3

Sitting here about to write up this issue, I just realized how similar this book is to Harley Quinn at the moment. Forever, people have been saying that DC wants to make Harley their Deadpool, well months after Harley hired a bunch of lookalikes so they could do good since she’s stretched too thin, Deadpool has done the same fucking thing… Weird. But, I’m running into the same problem I am with Harley where I just do not give a fuck about all these new characters, and considering a majority of this issue was going from new Deadpool to new Deadpool and seeing all their checks bounce and various other money problems, didn’t really enjoy this issue at all.

Monstress #2

This is a weird one… it’s one of those books where I like it, but ask me to recount anything about it, and I couldn’t tell you a god damn thing about it. It’s super anime in a “lots of crazy looking shit and words that someone made up” sort of way. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you the main character’s name right now… I know she’s looking for another character whose name starts with Tu… Yeah, it’s a lot to keep track of, big new world with a bunch of weird shit going on, but it’s cool… I think! I do like how the main character is sort of a jerk. She’s got some shit going on and instead of just being mopey she just sort of tells people to fuck off and doesn’t care. It’s fun, I don’t know. Weird book!

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