Sunday, December 6, 2015

Stack Rundown, 12/06/2015

Games are still my comics enemy. I beat Fallout 4 (platinum trophy son) but now I made a terrible mistake of buying a bunch of shit at Black Friday... Then christmas comes, then my birthday. Fuck. Why is everything open world?!

Midnighter #7

Well, Midnighter done fucked up Prometheus. Went by pretty quickly if I’m honest, and the art is so densely packed into a page, the fight got a little hectic to follow from time to time. Regardless, still a solid “who I am” sort of issue for Midnighter. Now the fun stuff comes up… Midnighter + Spyral + Suicide Squad (I think, well, at least Deadshot) = fuck yeah.

All-New X-Men #1

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t all that interested in this series and it was sort of a game time decision for me, because I figured I’m reading the other X titles, might as well. The time displaced X-team just doesn’t do anything for me on an interest level, and sure enough, there wasn’t really anything here for me to get into. Some gang of Cyclops worshipers? Sure, whatever.

Extraordinary X-Men #3

Well, I shouldn’t say all the time displaced X-Men don’t interest me… Jean does, because she’s so pivotal in the world, she has to mean something at some point, right? Anyways, I liked this issue, but can we talk about how Logan’s logic makes no sense. He’s scared of going out into this world because he’s all “No matter what, I’m destined to kill the X-Men.” K. But it’s not like he himself was reversed… the Logan who killed the X-Men was put back in a different timeline with everything he had already done remaining in place… So the destiny has already been fulfilled. Whatever. Don’t make any sense, not going to bother thinking about it more.

Vision #2

This book remains fantastic. Took a weird sort of family oriented suspense/thriller turn towards the end with the “I saw what you did” sort of message delivered to Virginia in the final pages. No other book from the big two is like this at all, which is what makes this so fantastic. Seriously, if you’re not reading this, you should be, whether you have any interest in the character or not.

Daredevil #1

I don’t have a whole lot of interest in Daredevil… I read the last new #1 which feels like it was 4 months ago, and was pretty indifferent towards it. That said, I like Charles Soule, think it was stupid for DC to let him slip away, and want to read something from him that isn’t the Inhumans because MAN I don’t care about Roman Reigns. Gave this issue a shot, and maybe I’m just trying to convince myself to read something Soule written, but I enjoyed it, had quite an edge to it. Loved Ron Garney’s artwork too, had a real big Frank Miller/John Romita Jr feel to it, which I’m sure isn’t coincidental.

Revival #35

So I guess that somewhere in-between this issue and the last, it was revealed that we’re either in, or approaching the final year of this series, and it shows. Things are really tarting to come to a head. In just this issue, Dana pretty much abandons her life to help Em escape, Em shows interest in finding out who killed her, and we come across a character who knows who killed Em, but he, in true comic book fashion, dies before he can say anything. I’ve always said that this book goes through moments of calmness all the way to manic crazy shit, and it seems we’re going to get a lot of crazy shit towards the end here. Good.

Paper Girls #3

Seriously, what is this book? It’s so fucking weird, I can’t describe it… No wonder BKV or Cliff Chiang didn’t say anything about it prior to release. Fucking people are vanishing out of thin air, dinosaurs, weird sorta 1337 speaking Knights, mutated kids speaking some alien language… iPods? It’s so fucking out there and defying expectations that were impossible to set in the first place. What… I just… I don’t even...

Nailbiter #18

Hey man, Nailbiter is still going strong. People investigating things. Creepiness abound. Killers killing people. Yep. It’s Nailbiter, alright. The one thing that… I don’t know if “bugging me” is the right team, but the Fed who keeps having killer headaches (heh), that gag has sort of run its course, and it isn’t shocking the way it was played the first couple of times, as in it seemed real. Now reading those scenes, you know what the score is and it’s just a “Whatever… do something” sort of thing for me.

Black Science #18

It’s fitting that this issue came out in December, because it has got some serious Ghosts of Christmas Past sort of vibes going on. Nothing like seeing a vision of your wife watching a tape with your kids of you fucking the woman you’re having an affair with only for you to turn into a giant emotions monster or something due to that. MERRY CHRISTMAS! So far this arc is real fucking weird and a total change of pace from the first couple of arcs but I really like it.

Invader Zim #5

So, Dib turns off Gaz’s video game and she gets super pissed. Cue a bunch of video game parodies made up to torture dib ranging all the way from Binding of Isaac to Animal Crossing to Metal Gear Solid. Hey! I play video games! This panders to me! It’s pretty alright! I did get a couple of weird vibes with all the “TRUE GAMER” stuff war world propaganda… With all the stupid elitist drama that goes on in the video game community, it just sort of rubbed me the wrong way, because fuuuuuck all that noise.


  1. So all new X -Men isn't worth getting?

    I'm really enjoying extra X -men

  2. Dude, you should read Sheriff of Babylon! So good!