Wednesday, December 2, 2015

SPOLERS: Gotham Academy #12

So here's some news... This might be the last regular issue of the series? Karl Kerschl's last at the very least. That... sucks.

The Spoilers:

It doesn't take long for Maps and Olive to give the police the slip so they can head to Arkham Asylum to look for Kyle themselves, with the help of Pom and Colton. On the car ride there, Pom reveals more about Calamity, telling Olive that her mother killed her father... When she thought he died in a car crash... So, with Olive being a little out of it, the group tells her to keep watch as she's a bit of a liability, while they find Kyle.

It doesn't take long for Olive to notice what looks like a flame in the window beckoning her in, so while the other three find Kyle locked in a cell, Olive goes to find who she believes to be her mother, only to find Hugo Strange waiting for her. Seems Hugo was a little obsessed with Calamity, having stated that Calamity was hiding something he wanted to find, but he never got to learn where, so he's been trying to bring Calamity out of Olive, and it works.

By the time Maps and the others find Olive, Strange is long gone, and Olive is pretty zoned out. Everyone thinks it's mission accomplished, not really knowing that Olive may or may not have Calamity inside her for real this time... But one thing is for sure, Olive feels "whole."


The Opinion: 

So I'm still sort of bummed we don't exactly learn what happened to Olive's mom... She's just fucking dead, I guess? It's implied maybe Strange knows something about it, but he ghosts out pretty quick. Definitely an interesting turn with Olive now that Calamity is probably part of her for real. She's a taaaaad bit creepy now with Karl Kerschl giving her sort of a "dead inside" look in the last couple of pages.

SPEAKING OF KARL KERSCHL... He revealed on twitter that this was the last issue featuring him as series artist. With the "Yearbook" arc coming up featuring a whole bunch of writers and artists, it wouldn't surprise me to learn that Gotham Academy is on its way out, which would bum the hell out of me, because this issue, like every issue, was pretty great.



Probably though.

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