Wednesday, December 2, 2015

SPOILERS: Robin War #1

If you've ever wondered: Would would Damian think of all these people calling themselves Robin? Well... The answer is: tell them they're stupid and threaten them with pain.

The Spoilers:

So some kid dressed like a Robin botches a store robbery when he doesn't listen to a cop and ends up getting both the robber and cop shot dead. Public doesn't take this well and a City Councilwoman (who is trying to gain membership within the Court of Owls) passes the "Robin Laws" which give the police the right to stop and search anyone sporting Robin apparel, which doesn't sit well with Duke and company, so they call a meeting to discuss how they're going to move past this within the city.

Tim Drake catches wind of the meeting and calls Jason to tell him about it. Jason doesn't really care, thinking that them getting together to fix things is what Robins would do... But Tim points out the problem is exactly what Robin would do, and it takes a second for it to click with Jason, buuuuut they're too late.

Cue Damian Wayne dropping in on the meeting, basically to tell everyone that they're a joke and should stop before they get killed. Things escalate into Damian attempting to take on the entire gang of Robins, which he does easily, until a reluctant James Gordon is sent in to stop the mess. At this point Damian doesn't know what the hell is going on, takes a few shots from Gordon, but lures him into a trap, pumping a power line into the Robat suit. Before anymore damage can be done, Tim and Jason intercept him and after a brief talk decide to call Dick in.

Elsewhere, Duke and the kid who started the whole situation walk home. After everything that happened and seeing the real Robin in action, the kid admits to Duke what happened and Duke suggests he comes clean, at least try to minimize the damage. Kid agrees and they go their separate ways... Then Talon kills kid. 

Back at the Court hide out, the Court gets word that the Talon's mission was successful and the Robin War will be underway and on top of that, Dick is back in town, and they proclaim the "Gray son" will rise again as Nightwing. Boo.


The Opinion:

I thought the story of this was a great start, the art on the other hand... Not so much. Randolph and Corona are fine, great even, Guinaldo and Maurice on the other hand... not so much. Look, I get stuff happens, but man... the inconsistent art throughout just really threw me out of it. It really doesn't help that the best scene of the book (Damian vs. Gordon) was illustrated by Guinaldo, who, I'll be honest and not hold any punches here, I just flat out hate his work. I think it looks bad and if it was up to me, I wouldn't pay a cent for it in any book. Honest enough?

As for the story, it did a good job of setting up some pretty cool angles. If the covers are anything to go by, we're getting some Robins vs the others, with the Owls pulling the strings, and being a fan of the Court of Owls and believing they've been underused since their debut, I'm totally okay with everything... Okay, everything but the tease that Nightwing might becoming back because fuuuuuuuuuck that. Grayson > History-less Nightwing. 

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