Wednesday, December 2, 2015

SPOILERS: Harley's Little Black Book #1

Harley gets to meet her childhood idol, Wonder Woman... But Wonder Woman has only been around a handful of years like the Justice League, how is that possib--SHHHHHHHHHH. No questions.

The Spoilers:

So Harley and her gang are doing what Harley and her gang does and breaking up some international chemical smuggling right... Sure! Turns out these smugglers want to send some stuff to London in order to help the city's bad guys take out Wonder Woman, who Harley happens to be a total fangirl of (as evident of the flashback from her childhood where she almost killed a kid by hanging him from her Wonder Woman costume's lasso... they were bullying her), so Harley can't have that.

Long story short, Harley ships herself to London, comes across the London Legion of Heroes or whatever, they're a mess, comes up with a plan to "help" Wonder Woman, by knocking her out and stealing her clothes, so Harley can dress up like Wondy and fool those trying to harm her? ...It's a Harley plan. Shenanigans happen, heroes made naked, Wonder Woman reluctantly accepts Harley's help before sharing a pint with her at the pub and putting her on a plane back to the US.

The Opinion: 

This book is exactly what you'd think it is: An excuse to team up Conner and Palmiotti's Harley Quinn with random heroes, putting them in compromising situations, and it's pretty fun. But it also features some of the same pitfalls as the regular Harley book, as it becomes pretty easy to glaze over given that it's not as if there's some super detailed plot. Then if you're like me, and you've already sort of stopped caring about the large supporting cast given to Harley, then it's pretty hard to find another reason to care about four more characters in the London Legion, to be honest, they're who I glazed over the most, as I thought they kind of detracted from the issue. If we're going to have Harley team up with characters she has no business teaming up with, then just do that, stick to that... There's no need to introduce four more characters to support this one off story, there's more than enough dumb (in a good way) potential between Harley and Wonder Woman to make a funny 30+ pages. Hopefully in February we don't get Harley, Green Lantern and a group of new and wacky GLC members who don't matter.

Then there's the art! A good portion of it was illustrated by Amanda Conner herself, who is amazing. I wish we got more interiors from her than we do. Unfortunately, she didn't illustrate the entire issue, she was assisted by John Timms whose art I do like, but given how rare Conner's interiors are these days, it just kinda sucks that not enough time was given to have her complete it herself. Oh well.

So in summary... It's a Harley Quinn issue featuring Wonder Woman... If you like the book already, you should probably get the issue that does more of that. If the currently Harley book isn't for you, then neither is this. Pretty simple.

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