Wednesday, December 9, 2015

SPOILERS: Grayson #15

Note: This issue takes place before Detective Comics #47

Remember how in Batman and Robin Eternal Tim's a little pissed off that Dick pulled a move that's real similar to Batman being a real prick... Yeeeeeeeeeah.

The Spoilers:

So all the Robins gather all the other Robins and have a little pow-wow. Dick, being the first Robin, sees this whole thing as sort of being his doing as all the kids are latching on to his legacy. So after having talked it out with Jason, Tim and Damian, he decides that if these kids are going to where the R, they're going to do it right and decides to train them all. So each Robin has their own training class with the other Robins... Unfortunately, all this info and discussion is somehow getting broadcast to the GCPD and Jim Gordon.

A little later, Dick sends all the top recruits (conveniently the main characters of We Are Robin) out with each actual Robin on a specific mission, while he goes out with Duke... and everyone gets captured by the GCPD. Turns out Dick was leaking all the info to the police.

Yeah. What? 

Dick's logic here, is that he feels responsible for all this and wants to keep these kids safe because there's something going on that's bigger than all them, and there's no safer place than being locked up, right? So, why does he get Jason, Tim and Damian captured? Well, he wants them on the inside so they can help lead a breakout when it's time. Did those three know about it?

Hahaha, no.

Dick explains this all to Duke and says that Duke is going to need to vouch for him when he's with everyone else locked up... but still, damn.

Unfortunately, unknown to Dick, it's the Court of Owls running this whole operation while tying to get to him and he just sent everyone into the lion's den.


The Opinion: 

So yeah... what the fuck? That's some... logic, I guess? Took a weird turn there that I wasn't expecting... but more on that in a couple of minutes once I get this Detective Comics post up.

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  1. Dick went Spyral on everyone. He is n a spy, you know. Double crosses and shit