Wednesday, December 9, 2015

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #47

Note: This issue takes place after Grayson #15

So, continuing from Dick Grayson's heel turn, everyone's sort of in a bad place.

The Spoilers:

So all the Robins, except Dick are locked up in max security cells in a big prison that just so happens to have giant fucking owls everywhere, but no one seems to notice them. Gordon seems to think this is a little much and so does Dick, who ends up kicking him in the face sometime later.

Back to the prison, all the Robins are arguing, Damian thinks they've been sold out, people are pissed at Dick. Damian has a plan to get out and drops an explosion which is quickly put out by the security, which prompts the cops to begin the process of taking everyone out of their cells to confiscate everything and unmask everyone... Out of the cells is exactly what Damian wanted.

Elsewhere, Gordon is getting beat up by Dick and eventually calls for him to stop, taking off the cowl, because I guess everyone just knows who Dick is and Dick isn't using his hypno, sure. Gordon is basically like "You got to let us do the job we're hired to do, this all got started because of you (and Batman) so it can't get out of hand on an exponential level." But Dick is all "Yeah, but something seems off, right?" and Gordon is all "YEAH." So, they team up. Duh.

Something is off though, because back at the prison, the cops are getting ready to move the kids, but they're quickly called off. By who? WHO INDEED, as a member of the Court, escorted by a caption of Talons reveal themselves to all the Robins.


The Opinion: 

So yeah, Robin War is kind of off to a weird start. I know there have been people who have criticized recent story arcs for relying on the "Bat family can't trust each other" trope a little too much. I usually fall in the "yeah, whatever" camp... but fucking seriously. Again? We're doing this again? I mean, maybe it'll turn out to something more, but for fuck's sake, give me one story where the Bat family is unified at a point before the end when everyone goes "OOH, that's what's going on." 

That said, the Court of Owls angle is what's selling it past the mistrust angle for me. Don't care what anyone says, the Court is cool and I need more of them scheming in my life. I will say that I'm worried that we won't really get to know what they want until like the end of the story... sort of like the Batman Eternal reveal. If that's the case, then shit... because what's there to do once they reveal them plan at the end? It's over. 

I don't know. Lot's of speculation to be had. Can't really judge individual issues here as they're all telling one story, so I'll keep an open mind until the end.

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  1. It is a shame that robin war is being released concurrently with batman robin eternal. I think they are both great stories and I am enjoying them both but the similarities make the series seem redundant. Idk what the solution would be maybe they could have held off on one until the other was finished