Wednesday, December 30, 2015

SPOILERS: Black Canary #6

After an extended hiatus, Black Canary is reunited! Get it... cus it's a band and the book missed a month and some change? Bands go on breaks and stuff... GET IT?

The Spoilers:

So hey! It's been awhile. Dinah's band vs Bo's band in a battle right, only Bo has powers now, so Kurt figures Waller gave them to her and it's possible that this whole thing is a setup to get Ditto back. Speaking of Ditto, she can write waveforms to communicate? Comics! Anyways, despite wanting to get the hell out of there, the band decides to play and guess what, things go poorly.

Fights start, and it goes from cutting audio cables all the way to metahuman punch outs. The fight culminates at Dinah and Bo using their powers at each other, and Ditto does some weird shit in-between their sound waves, Kurt tries to get her out of there and they both go *poof.* Seeing what she did, Bo sort of freaks out and runs away, while Dinah and the band get escorted out by some label people, helping them avoid the cops. Back in the club, some digitized looking monster hand comes up from the spot where Kurt and Ditto disappeared.

Dinah demands to see the label head, Pike something, and demands answers, why she was put in this band and all that, and surprise! Pike is actually old-ass Kurt Lance, and Ditto is with him. He's set this plan in motion the whole time for some reason we'll probably figure out next month!


The Opinion:

So while I admit that I was sort of getting tired of the band angle, didn't really see where it was going long term, that ending is just weird enough to have me go "okay, well that was a surprise." So I figure I don't have a problem with seeing through the band stuff with one more issue (Solicits seem to suggest a shift afterwards). The issue was pretty action heavy so there's not a whole lot more to talk about, other than the fact that the action was illustrated by Annie Wu, who returned to the series this issue and that's great. So yeah, it was a fun little setup for the next issue which seems to be where things will be revealed or changed, I'm interested to see how it plays out.

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