Wednesday, December 30, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #13

More Cassandra origins! Sure, it's kinda sorta thematically the same, but what do you want? She got erased! But for real... has anyone complained about this version of Cass? Because that sure would be stupid for multiple reasons.

The Spoilers:

Cassandra returns to an old radioactive (or something) diamond mine that Mother used for her nursery, and through the flashbacks, she finally makes it back to where all the children lived in hopes of rescuing them. Unfortunately, Cassandra's father David is waiting for her, having slain all the children, and then does some bad guy speech and shit. Turns out Mother is going for a new, darker plan, so she's got to wipe the slate clean.

David blames Cassandra for all this, if she hadn't gone rogue and gone to "him," (Batman) then all would be well with Mother and the children would be alive. FLASHBACK! Cass found Batman some time during Endgame to inform him about Mother. It was here where he gave the drive to Cass to give to Dick if he doesn't make it, they share a moment as Batman calls her a hero.

Back to the Nursery, Cass and David begin to fight, Harper and Dick show up, Mother appears via hologram and goes "I'm gonna nuke the place, BYEZ LOLOLOLZ"


The Opinion:

So, a short way of putting it is that this was a really good Cassandra Cain issue, especially the scenes with Bruce. Sure, it's a bit derivative of what has come before, but hey, she got erased and it has been a long time. What I really want to talk about is Marcio Takara's art, which was fantastically colored by Dean White. MAN does this issue look good. I love Dean White's colors, and he makes Takara's work sing, way more so than it did on those couple of Detective Comics issues. Now that an artist who I really don't like is taking over Detective for the time being, seeing this and what that book could have looked like, makes that switch even more painful. Nevertheless, more Takara/White issues please.

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  1. Agreed Takara's art was way better here than it was on those Detective issues. Like, *way* better.

    I guess we can give dramatic license to Mother coming on the computer screen to tell our heroes that she's about to blow the joint up rather than just, y'know, blowing it up while they are unsuspecting.