Wednesday, December 23, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #12

We find out what Batman did! Kind of... but probably not really, because I mean come on, you going to believe every "Batman did this thing that goes against his code" story you read before the end? What are you, a sucker?

The Spoilers:

So we got Dick going into Sculptor's head, but because it's a comic, nothing can be simple and we get her story before she tells us Bruce's.

Turns out she didn't want to be what she is, but Mother captured her and made her do her bidding. David Cain on the other hand, loved it. Sculptor regrets everything, even more so now since Mother apparently has a way of doing her own thing without using tragedy as a trigger, so that's why she's axing all her previous children.

Then we see that Mother set up Dick way back when by feeding Bruce false info which lead Robin to act on it instantly, which lead Mother to figure out that Bruce was Batman and exploit a "see, Dick sucks, lol" thought in his head. Bruce is all "Okay, give me a new heir who listens to me!" and instead of having Orphan do the tragedy thing, Bruce wants to do it himself, thus that scene in the opening issue where he apparently kills some kid's parents… Who wants to bet it was a red herring?

Dick is all "NOOOOOOOO." But yessssssss. Now that he knows, Sculptor is all "you need to go save those kids," but it may be too late, because all those kids that Sculptor wants saved seem to be dead, and Cassandra is there, covered in their blood. Again, probably something else is going on.


The Opinion:

So I guess that throws out my theory that Azrael was to be Bruce's heir but something go fucked up along the way and he was sent to the Order of St. Dumas afterwards. That would have just made too much sense, I guess. But yeah… Clearly something else is going on, and I know too much for my own good since there's no way in hell Batman gunned down some kid's parents. That's kind of agains the whole thing and I can't see DC going "Yeah okay" in a story with a new villain or something. Cynicism! Regardless, these past couple of issues have been pretty good, and after a little dip in the action, I'm back to enjoying this series quite a bit.

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  1. They have done that very thing in the past. And pretended it never happened...