Wednesday, December 16, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #11

It's time for Cassandra Cain New 52 origin time! ...or is it DCYOU origin? Does DC even use the term "DCYOU" anymore? What did that even mean? "They're about YOU" what? No they aren't, shut up. Anyways... Cass!

The Spoilers:

Meet the Sculptor, a woman who would mold the minds of Mother's children, but she thinks Mother has gone off the deepend and wants to help, so she'll show Dick the past of Cassandra... for some reason. Anyways, can't get into Dick's mind because of Spyral tech, so Harper volunteers

We see Cass's origin. A lot of it is similar, David Cain (Orphan, by the way) wanted to make her the perfect killing machine whose only language is movement, and he did. Only now, David made her to prove to his master, Mother, that the "old methods" still worked. Mother was offended by David keeping Cassandra from her, but allowed David to "keep" her, as long as she never saw Cassandra again. 

So yeah, Cass is still a straight up killing machine, but she doesn't want to be and wants to make up for what her father turned her into, like I said, real similar. When Harper gets close to seeing what Batman did with Mother, Dick stupidly wakes her up right before and gets told by Harper that she saw Batman buying a Robin, but he doesn't know who. So, despite the Spyral tech, Dick forces Sculptor to show him and that's where we end... Sure enough, it probably won't go well.


The Opinion:

There's no big shock to Cassandra's origin, as it's kept pretty faithful outside of the mother influence and lack of Lady Shiva, so that's good I guess... Rest easy they didn't fuck up Cass? Even though it was clear that they didn't prior to this. All in all, this felt like an issue that proceeds another issue with some big shit in it. Hopefully next week we get some meaty info, I'm tired of waiting for answers, I want to go down the rabbit hole and for this stuff to get crazy.

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  1. In fairness, DC doesn't really use New 52 in its marketing anymore either. It may get referenced by fans or creators in interviews, but I can't remember the last time I saw the term used in an ad or on the cover of a book.

    (New 52 Superman is apparently meeting "Pre-Flashpoint Superman" in Superman #50, so maybe they'll just start calling everything "Pre-" and "Post-Flashpoint?")

    Does anybody care about this? I don't even know if I do.