Wednesday, December 9, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman #47

That last page is pretty much worth the price of admission alone and oddly enough, Gordon and Bloom have become the least interesting part about this book.

The Spoilers:

Gordon and Bloom fight. Gordon eventually wins. Bring Bloom in, turns out there's like a bunch of Mr. Blooms, so Gordon and company look pretty fucked.


Elsewhere, Duke Thomas is making a narrow escape from the Iceberg Lounge but finds himself face to face with some of Penguin's goons packing some serious heat, only for them to get smacked in the back of the head with a bat by Bruce Wayne... Get it.

Bruce rescues Duke, but Duke doesn't seem to want the help so Bruce finally asks him what the hell is up. Duke seems to really dislike Bruce and that's because he seems to know a lot about Bruce and seems pretty bitter about his current state. Through a bunch of dialogue it becomes clear that Duke knows that Bruce is Batman, how I don't know, but sure. Without saying it directly, Duke just pokes the bear more and more saying that Bruce used to inspire him, but Duke seems to think Bruce purposely abandoned who he was or something like that. It all leads up to Duke telling Bruce to look into the light of an oncoming train and tell him what he sees. Bruce sees a big ol' bat. 

Once they get out the way, Duke leaves Bruce in a weird mental state. Bruce returns to the bench we saw him on in the first issue of this arc to try and think it over, even trying to get himself to admit "I'm Batman." But before he can say anything, another man approaches and asks if he can sit down. Bruce invites him to, saying he was just sort of thinking to himself, as he had had an accident nearby. The man states that's funny... because he had an accident nearby to.

I'm sure you've all read or seen the spoiler by now, but the man is the Joker, but not the Joker. Completely normal. Having gone through the same ordeal Bruce has. The fuck?


The Opinion: 

This book is made by crazy people and it's pretty great.

That's the easiest way to sum of that last page. I don't know what they're going to do with this and I don't want to even try and figure it out, I've bought in, I'm in it for the rollercoaster ride now.

The only problem I had with the revelation was just how Duke knew. It just seems super convenient in a "Well, we needed him to usher in this change in Bruce so he just had to know" with no other solid logic behind it. Then there's the whole train thing and I don't really get why that would trigger the vision of a bat to Bruce.

Then we've got Gordon and Bloom. I said this last month, Bloom is losing me. He's visually really cool and probably has something to do with the Powers Industry and their elemental research, but we've had quite a lot of issues to be given even a sliver of the "why" of who Bloom is, but we haven't gotten any. All Bloom is at this point is a creepy looking villain who can give people powers. That's it. His known depth as a character is pretty shallow at the moment, and we've only got two real issues to understand more about him, one of which is the final issue, and we've all witnessed how I feel about stories holding all the reveals, information and motivation for the last possible second (hello, Batman Eternal).

So you got Bloom, who has barely established a real reason for anyone to be interested in him as a character (other than looking cool) and Gordon is attached to that. Then you got all the cool stuff happening with Bruce which is far more crazy and interesting than the Bloom stuff. So Gordon is pretty much guilty by association at this point and his story as Batman has become so far less interesting to me via the Bloom lack of depth and now that we see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was afraid this is what would happen, and sure enough, it did... but that last page though.


  1. It's possible Duke knew because of the Joker's set up during Endgame, dressing Duke's parents as Bruce's parents, and he did some research and put two and two together. He's a bright kid.

    I do love how Gordon destroyed the seeds in the storage and at least temporarily outsmarted Bloom.

  2. I'm not buying Joker being amnesiac.

  3. At no point did it occur to anyone that maybe giving Gordon a retractable cape, or something with aerial capabilities, might come in handy at some point? That's a pretty big oversight if you're trying to copy Batman.

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  5. The only thing I can think of with Bloom is that maybe he's James Gordon Jr. If the idea is that he's supposed to be *this* Batman's villain, that'd be a way to tie him to Jim.

    Certainly agreed that the Bruce/ Duke bits were more interesting than Jim/ Bloom, but I do think the juxtaposition of the two served a purpose, inasmuch as it allows Snyder to push the "anyone can be this guy that Bruce is being, but only Bruce can be Batman" theme made explicit by Duke.

    Man, Duke would make a great Robin if the job wasn't already taken. (I know he sort of IS a Robin, but I mean the real one.)

  6. Duke probably knows Bruce is Batman from the Zero Year. Remember how Batman was fighting...Dr. Death? I think? The bone dude, when the hurricane was coming in? And he was washed up and he wakes up and Duke has been taking care of him, trying to come up with riddles.

  7. Bloom is clearly an M-rated take on Louie the Lilac.

    Gordon v. Bloom is definitely not in first place, but although I'm really stoked on this Bruce vs. Joe angle that's playing out, to me the coolest thing is still that Penguin has control of Black Mask, the original Scarface, and Great White Shark as his lieutenants. Major ramifications.