Wednesday, December 16, 2015

SPOILERS: Batgirl #46

I  still don't know who this dude that spilled over from Catwoman is. I mean, not this book's fault... just saying.

The Spoilers:

So Babs and Nadimah are doing some neighborhood surveys about crime in Burnside forcing people out of the neighborhood or something like that. They talk to a lady whose son is in a gang, she's distraught about it, stuff comes back later.

Babs is stressed lately, doesn't feel like she's getting enough sleep and her mind is failing her, as she's forgetting periods of time. So naturally, she punches faces to blow off steam and is eventually met by that bald dude from Catwoman named Lewis. If you remember, one of my problems with Catwoman under Genevieve Valentine was that it kind of lacked focus. Had a bunch of random characters, and this guy was one so ::shrugs:: Anyways, Lewis wants to meet later, so later they meet.

Not before Frankie comes out to Babs about her vigilante activities, showing her the neural implant. Babs again is pissed about it, but Frankie makes her case and Babs accepts her as a partner... SO BASICALLY FRANKIE IS BABS' TALKING MOTORCYCLE NOW.

Pretty rad.

Anyways, meet up with Lewis happens, he tells Babs about Spoiler and her situation. Even though she's technically protected by Eiko Hasigawa, Eiko has gone underground and the Hasigawa are in auto-pilot mode, believing Stephanie is a threat. Sooooooo, long story short, Babs finds Steph, they beat some people up, become BFFS, and Steph is put into one of Luke's apartments for safe keeping of sorts.

Speaking of Luke, Babs meets up with him and tells her about this dream/nightmare she's been having which is pretty much just that creepy ending of last issue with the weird looking dude watching over her. To keep her mind off of it, she's been scribbling that plan from the Annual for whatever weapon they found in Gotham Academy, which causes Luke to take a look at it and realize that whatever it is, it's worth ONE BILLION DOLLARS.

Something like that. Suck it you poor-ass-finger-painting Bruce. 

Then someone used Babs' confidential survey info, leaked it to the police and got that kid of that lady from the beginning arrested and it's all over the news. WHOOPS.


The Opinion:

You know, I've been critical of the Luke romance, but at least he ain't Mason. 

Anyways, back to normal. I wasn't a big fan of the wedding issue as I thought it was just the kind of stuff more suited for tumblr collages, and whatever, not for me. But here we got more Batgirl being Batgirl and hey, some extra added Spoiler to spice things up a bit. Clearly after solicits this week, Spoiler is going to be a bigger part of things to come, so it'll be interesting to see how she's used and Harper for that fact, as these are both Eternal characters who haven't seemed to find their place outside of Eternal. So if Batgirl is the book that firmly establishes them outside of big Eternal land, then great, I'll take it.

As for the big story behind what's going on, we're getting a slow roll out clearly, but if we're to believe the hype, big things are supposed to happen in 2016 for Batgirl, so that's to be expected. We did finally get over the Frankie: I want to help Babs: NO! hurdle, so there's some progress, and she's still teasing us with what she wants to be called... Probably Oracle, but I expect a swerve.

Anyways, fun issue, not much else to say that better sums it up.

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