Sunday, November 29, 2015

Stack Rundown, 11/29/2015

With the holidays, I was able to read all my comics in a timely fashion as well as play stupid amounts of video games... Yet I still waited until this morning to type everything up, so go figure.

Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1

So the running joke prior to release was that this was going to be terrible because Frank Miller blah blah blah… But we forget Brian Azzarello is on board and from what interviews may suggest, seems like he was really on board. So surprise, turns out this was pretty readable, some might even say it was good (me, I’d say that). Basic premise is it’s a couple years later, Batman is back, turns out Batman is Carrie Kelley and Bruce is “dead.” I’ve got to admit, if Bruce really is dead, that’s some nuts decision if they’re really going to have a Dark Knight book without Bruce. I mean, I doubt that’s the case, but if it is, nuts. Then there’s all the other stuff with like Superman, Wonder Woman, Kandor and the Atom. It honestly just seems like they’re trying to set up a Miller-verse, where new books can be made. I think that was the problem with DK2 for me, outside of it being a crazy book for crazy people, it wasn’t as much a “Dark Knight” book as it just was this weird version of the DCU.

The Omega Men #6

Was this supposed to be the last issue or was it next month’s? Either way, hooray, this book isn’t ending. With where this book currently is now, man it would seem like a shitty ending. “The Omega Men got captured and then fight back and probably die” that’d probably be the ending if it remained cancelled as early as DC stupidly intended. But hey, now they’re going to fight back and have 6 more issues to fill! One weird bit about this issue was the coloring switch at the end with Tomeu Morey, who is one of the colorists I really enjoy, but his work just didn’t match here and it was just sort of jarring. Weird instance of not enjoying his work.

All-New Wolverine #2

Wasn’t quite sure if I was going to continue with this book, but I decided that I would given I had no other Marvel books to read and I’m starting to think I may continue to do so on a more on-going basis rather than evaluating whether or not I’m really interested in this book from issue-to-issue. Sure the evil scientists making “evil” clones thing isn’t anything new, but it’s well written and entertaining… Even a little sneaky (like the blood sample they got from X-23 in the beginning of the issue, yeah, that won’t be a thing). I always liked Tom Taylor’s work at DC, I just thought it went a little off the rails like Earth 2 or just for far too long like Injustice (DC seriously runs their video game tie-ins WAY too long). So yeah… This book is pretty good so far?

American Vampire: Second Cycle #11

Soooooo, this is the end of the current volume, then the next story arc will be a new volume and the arc after that will be the final volume? I guess that makes sense, just putting new #1s out there since it really seems that hiatus hit this book hard in terms of eyes on it (while Image when fucking crazy with attention grabbing books). I was sort of surprised that nothing really happened to the characters in this issue… and by that, I mean, I totally expected someone to die, and for a moment thought it was Skinner… but he fell from space and became a human again? Suuuuuuuuure? I don’t know, it’s hard to really get invested in this book anymore with how broken up it has become, and that’s really unfortunate because it’s still real good. I hope, really hope that it finishes off strong.

Archie #4

So we find out what the lip stick incident was, and part of me wants to go “this is a well written book and I am enjoying these characters” but the other “way too cynical for my age” part of me wants to go “man, teenagers are dumb.” Think back to when you were a teenager, you and all your peers were dumb! You liked dumb shit and you did dumb things. Fact. If you’re a teenager now, well, flash forward ten years and I guarantee you’ll find your current self dumb. If you’re sitting there going “Man, I was the shit when I was a teenager” then I’m just going to assume you’re one of those people who peaked in high school and never emotionally left…. Where the fuck was I? OH! Lip stick or something… So Betty gives into some peer pressure and gets all dolled up, Archie likes tomboy Betty, goes “THIS (lipstick) DONES’T BELONG ON YOU” and blargh, fight. I mean, well written sure… but teenage drama, there’s a part of me that just can’t buy into it! Oh well, whatever, this book is still real fucking great.

The Fade Out #11

I mean, I still don’t have a lot to say about this one. Same old story, I like the book, just don’t have anything to add. The book ends next issue? Gil got shot? The old pervert is dead? These are facts I can say about the book, I guess?

Saga #31

Saga is finally back… and it is good. I feel fucking weird just singing this book’s praises after all this time, you know? It just gets old. Yeah, everyone knows Saga is pretty fucking good. I can only tweet “SAAAAAGAAAAA!!!” so many times before even I get over it. Guess what? This issue was good. Surprise! Seems like identity is going to be a big part of this arc, if two key scenes are anything to go by… The first, Hazel learning what a transgendered person is in the shower, and the second, Hazel showing off her wings to her teacher, since you know, she’s a mixed race… breed? Whatever. I can appreciate the fact that this issue didn’t show any of Marko or Alana at all, where you know many other books would just try and fit as much as they can into one issue. Pacing is key.

Black Magick #2

Unlike the poor sap in the first issue, this book seems to be going for a slow burn so far… Get it, because that dude got set on fire? Yeah, he dead. Slow burn is a definite though, as we’re gradually learning more and more about the coven of witches Rowan is a part of, where she fits into it, and who may be coming after them… Seems like some Stone Mason variant or something. The setting and atmosphere here are really key and probably the best part of the book so far. Even though I’d like to see a bit more color in this series, I’ve got to admit, the lack of color and all the greytones, washes, or whatever the technical term is, does contribute quite a bit to the atmosphere.

Chew #52

Chew! It is a book, it it is almost ending. Which is a sad, sad thing. So yes, with each issue we’re getting closer and closer to the end, and now Layman is dealing with the lingering mysteries that remain, mainly you got the chicken mystery and that skywriting. I’m curious to see how the Vampire Cibiopath fits into all of this, because it’d be kind of weird if the book spent a majority of its issues chasing that guy only for him to be irrelevant at the end. Regardless, I’ll be happy to see if these final number of issues see Tony and Mason team up again after they’ve been enemies for so long. It’d be nice to have everything come full circle in the end… good thing this issue totally makes it seem like that’s what’s going to happen… But then again, crazy shit can happen in this series, so I’m not holding my breath.


  1. I agree, omega men would have been the worst ending ever had this been the final issue. This series is amazing and I can't believe they thought about canceling it. Regarding all new wolverine. I have been taking a lot of the new marvel books issue by issue but I don't think I see enough there to continue. I will hold out and wait for old man Logan with Jeff Lemire and Sorrentino. Their green arrow run was outstanding and I'm anxious for their take on wolverine

  2. You alluded to it above, so I'm not sure you care all that much, but in case anyone else does, Frank Miller has made some comments in recent interviews to the effect that DK3 is "Brian's story" -- implying that Azzarello mostly wrote it or something. Miller claims he wants to do a fourth Dark Knight story now. Whether he is distancing himself from DK3 because he doesn't think it is good, because he really didn't have much to do with it, because he's a little... off these days, or some combination of all three, who knows? Regardless, I think you're right that DC is trying to turn this into a "Miller-verse." I wouldn't be surprised if it became one of the remaining unrevealed 52 earths. Haven't read it yet; will probably wait for trade. However, I'm heartened to hear what I think are surprisingly good reviews.

  3. What All New All Different Marvel books are you most/least interested in? I'm mostly sitting it all out except probably All-New Wolverine (book is mostly self-contained with good art), All-New All-Different Avengers (because it's theoretically most central book to the universe?), and Guardians of the Galaxy (because it's a space adventure with generally likable characters). I can't buy in linewide, and the rest are still too tied into stories I wasn't reading before Secret Wars. Also, there have been a few weird art choices on these books. Annnndddd... I can't stand the fact that they are double shipping random books that are supposed to be monthly books.

    1. I'm sticking to X titles, Deadpool and Vision. Vision is *really* fucking good. I'm trying out Daredevil by Charles Soule this week.