Sunday, November 22, 2015

Stack Rundown, 11/22/2015

Had a whole bunch of books to read this week, half of which I just read like an hour ago because of Fallout taking up my time, so I kept this one short and sweet because you know... Fallout.

Batman Europa #1

I don’t even know if it’s worth it to make all the jokes that you could make about this series being so late. But was it worth it? I don’t know really. It was a fine Batman book, looked real nice, has guaranteed value in Batman and Joker teaming up, but the delay definitely built it up to something that it was not.

Secret Six #8

I’ve said it before, but I am really enjoying this book, feels like the old Secret Six where they just went everywhere in the DCU being misfits and what not. Wasn’t sure that Gail Simone would be allowed to do that in the present day continuity where there’s barely any room for characters just to jump around like that anymore.

Titans Hunt #2

I’m still in this for the continuity fuckery, because I really just want to see how everything is supposed to make sense by comic standards. Better issue than the first by a little bit, aided by the fact that there was no fill-in (although, it was by a completely different artist than solicited). I will say I think something has been lost with Dick not hiding anymore. He’s everywhere, and nearly every other writer other than Seeley and King are playing it fast and loose with Spyral. Also, seriously, who is that caveman kid and why the hell was he one of the chosen to be magically retconned? The other guy I just recognized as “Bumblebee’s boyfriend whose name I don’t know.” Him too!

Deadpool #2

So I guess the fact that this book hasn’t actually had the real Deadpool in it seems like a big point worth attention. That last page definitely started to get a hook in me, because now there’s a mystery and it isn’t all just slapstick and dumb humor, which is when this book under Gerry Duggan is at its best.

Extraordinary X-Men #2

Okay, so far so good, I really am starting to like the X-Men again. Lemire is a good character writer and reading him writing a team is real fun… Well, a team I care about, opposed to the JLU and then LoS. Most interesting part was the Old Man Logan and Jean bit. Actually has me kind of curious to read the Old Man Logan series once it comes out.

Jughead #2

Decided this book isn’t quite for me. It’s a bit too… comic-y, if that makes sense? I like Archie for how simple day to day stuff it sort of is, but with the first issue of this series doing its Game of Thrones like cut away and then this issue doing the time cop thing, it’s just not doing anything for me, so I’ll pass. Not saying it’s bad, just not for me.

Tokyo Ghost #3

Fucking A this book is still so god damn good! I’ve already praised this book for being one of the few comics that actually does romance well, but this issue, while still featuring plenty of that, really went even deeper to dig into Teddy’s insecurities and issues with addiction. Remender is just giving these two characters so much depth and the book has skyrocketed to the top of my favorites list when it comes to Remender written books. Also, it should go without saying that Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth ain’t no slouches as well.

The Beauty #4

Still enjoying this one. Each issue has the conspiracy get a bit deeper, and a little more shit hits the fan. So for there’s been pretty good escalation, so I’m curious to see what the book will do when it gets that inevitable tipping point down the line.

Pretty Deadly #6

Man it feels like it has been forever since the last arc of this book… has to have been over a year right? Was borderline debating whether or not to bother, but I obviously did and was quickly reminded of the two things I really like about this book: 1. The style and atmosphere and 2. Deathface Ginny is still the most badass character name out there. It did suffer from the lengthly hiatus in that I’m sitting here going “Okay, I have to go back and remind myself of who everyone other than Ginny and Alice is” because I didn’t remember a damn thing about the returning characters, it’s just been so long.

Invincible #125

I still have zero idea about where they’re going with this… is Mark going to come back and the changes he made be reflected in the present day universe and everything in his personal life is fucked or is he going to come back and things haven’t changed but since he’s been gone anyways things are fucked regardless. Yeah, my entire outlook on this arc is completely skeptical, I’ve been in this spot with this series too many times before so I’m not exactly buying into anything at the moment.

I Hate Fairyland #2

I can appreciate the dry wit of when a book ends on what is supposed to be a cliffhanger, but the next issue opens with everything having been dealt with off screen… So here we have a 30 something year old in an 8 year old’s body, getting wasted at a bar while talking to a decapitated head that once belonged to the guy who was going to kill her based on the final page of issue #1. Yep, this book is pretty okay if you ask me!

Rat Queens #13

While I’m enjoying the fact that this book is back in my life on a regular basis, so far I’m finding this arc to be a little all over the place and lacking focus. Clearly Hannah is the driving force behind what’s happening, but the other characters have just sort of been coming and going with “maybe this will be important down the line” sort of things. It just seems like every issue is trying to plant more and more seeds for future storylines where I’m kind of just reading it like “look, a lot of shit has happened to this book, let’s just get it back on track and keep it there permanently."


  1. Rat Queens is really falling off for me... to the point where I'm debating dropping it at the end of this arc if it doesn't deliver something interesting to look forward to. It's sad. Started off so fun and unique and crazy... then the real-world stuff and delays and artist and visual style changes in the middle of the second arc... to this mediocre third story. Just seems like this book has accumulated a lot of baggage and I want to give it the benefit of the doubt that it will get back on track, but if it doesn't happen soon, it's dropsville for me...

    1. Also, I know I comment on here often that I'm also a big Remender fan. Not to get too hyperbolic, but to have four (soon five presuming Devolution is good) quality independent books (Tokyo Ghost, Black Science, Low, Deadly Class) published at the same time is pretty incredible.

  2. For your Titans Hunt question:
    Gnarrk, Mal, Lilith, even Hawk and Dove, all have history with the 60's era of the Teen Titans, as in the original runs.

    1. I mean I know Gnarrk had a history awhile ago, but when you take Dick, Donna, Garth and Roy and start going "Hey New 52 fucked some stuff up, we're going to try and fix some things" it's a clear response to fans who pointed that out... Then they bring in Gnarrk and I'm just sort of thinking "Who cares? No one wanted him?"