Sunday, November 15, 2015

Stack Rundown, 11/15/2015

Look man, I don't need your shit. Did I use a duplication glitch to boost all my Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats to 10? Yeah. I did. And it's awesome! I don't play Bethesda games to be challenged, I play them to go on a total power trip through these big worlds with broken ass glitches that allow me to break it to my benefit. I did the same thing in Skyrim and you know what's pretty fucking awesome? Being able to stealth kill fucking dragons with a single arrow. YEAH. So don't you be looking at me like you're better than me!

All-New Wolverine #1

So, I don’t like Wolverine in a solo capacity, no idea why, but I just don’t… Yet here I am reading this book and possibly Lemire and Sorrentino’s Dark Knight Returns Wolverine. I dunno. Anyways, the one thing I saw as a reaction to this book is “It’s like Orphan Black!” and I’m all “I don’t know what the fuck Orphan Black is? Is it in Fallout 4? No? Whatever.” But I guess Orphan Black has something to do with depressing clones of yourself? Is THE Orphan Black a clone already? I literally have no idea what it is, seriously. I don’t know, I thought it was an interesting twist, the “I’m damn near dead so I’ll talk to imaginary Logan” thing was nice, over all it was a good issue, but I question if I care enough to continue reading. We’ll see by the time the next issue comes out.

Uncanny Avengers #2

So Cable? Cable. That’s fun, I guess! As I said with the previous issue, I was skeptical jumping onto this based off of how botched the post-Reemnder Uncanny X-Fore volume was, and both UXF and UA are two series I completely associate with him, soooooooo… yeah. But anyways, two issues in, this book is proving to be an enjoyable super hero action movie so to speak, and now we’ve got Cable coming from Fallout 4 Boston to save regular Boston. That’s pretty alright.

The Goddamned #1

Late to the game, but sure enough, Goddamned deserves to be talked about in the “best new series of 2015” category, even after only one issue. So, the setting is basically the polar opposite of Fallout 4, where it’s shitty before the world got destroyed, and you’ve got Cain, of the Cain and Abel variety, being a pissed off motherfucker who calls God a cunt and does what he does best, and murders a bunch of other assholes. Now, I’m speaking in very unbiblical speak, but that’s the beauty of it because Jason Aaron’s use of dialogue is very vulgar in a modern sense, it’s not trying to be period appropriate, it’s just trying to be down and fucking dirty, as the setting gives. It’s a dirty take on the bible, and it’s pretty amazing. If Noah’s inclusion is anything to go by, if this book is just going to take biblical figures and turn them into just devious pieces of shit, then good on it, because it’ll continue to be great.

Southern Bastards #12

I guess Jason Aaron wanted to focus on getting the Goddamned out this month? Or he was just too busy playing Fallout 4… But anyways, series artist Jason Latour took up writing this issue while Chris Brunner illustrated it, and it didn’t miss a beat. We visit Earl Tubb’s only friend, that kinda dumb kid who got beat into a coma, and he’s having all sorts of fever dreams telling him to kill Coach Boss or something, what else is new, everyone wants to kill him, and now all the sudden, that mangey looking dog that’s been featured throughout the series? Yeah, well it’s a paranormal demon dog or some shit, and that’s preeeeetty fucking awesome.

Descender #7

Back to the future we go! Not Fallout 4’s future, SPAAAAAAAACE future… but there are aliens in Fallout 4, so I mean, they could be connected. Anyways start of a new arc, and Tim-21 has to leave his buddies behind, so no more Driller or dog robot, everyone is sad now :(. But never fear! Starlord is here! Or not Starlord, it’s the kid who was Tim-21’s brother… only he’s got a cool scar and he totally kills all robots now. Pretty interesting twist if I do say so myself, looking forward to this one playing out.

Airboy #4

I know James Robinson likes to play video games… A lot of Assassin’s Creed apparently… He should play Fallout 4. So this was the finale of James Robinson’s trip through self pity and rediscovery, and man, does he not pull any punches. I mean, he mentions League of Extraordinary Gentleman by name… well, he abbreviates it LXG, so maybe there’s a little he doesn’t want to own up to, but who knows… I’m kidding, by the way. Anyways, I liked this series, it was surprising, definitely not expecting how meta and open it got… I mean, it was a book about him and Greg Hinkle, so there’s going to be a meta layer to it, but shit like talking about how his recent run at DC went was not expected. Speaking of Greg Hinkle, yeah, HIM! He’s pretty good, I want to see him on some more books.

The Wicked + The Divine #16

And the whirlwind trip of visiting the gods and their origins hits The Morrigan and it reminded me of the one issue of this series that I just flat out hated (and almost got me to drop the book)... #3. At least, I think it was #3… Whatever issue it was where we had Morrigan and Baphomet in the subway putting on some play or whatever, just saying a whole bunch of words and sentences that didn’t amount to anything other than being theatric. That issue just annoyed me, and there’s some dialogue in here that reminded me of that, but I think it, as in “the game," just sort of explains why they were all turned up to 11 in that past issue. Anyways… I realize I’M not really saying anything here, but that’s because I’m dealing with all these flashbacks. I like Morrigan in a visual sense, but oh god, the theatrics… Also, Fallout 4.

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