Sunday, November 8, 2015

Stack Rundown 11/08/2015

I'll be honest, about halfway through writing this post I just straight up didn't want to be doing it anymore... Which says something in terms of my desire to continue dedicating as much time to this site as I already do now, but that's a discussion for another day. So yeah... pretty short on words when it comes to the Image books. Sorry.

Midnighter #6

Was I worried that this book wouldn’t get to the point before DC might inevitably cancel it due to the fact that being critical darlings mean nothing to them? (Run on sentence, woo) Well, given the end of this issue, I’m pretty alright with feeling this book is going to get to do something pretty cool. So basically, Prometheus has been fucking with Midnighter. Maybe the whole time? Maybe literally? I don’t know. Regardless, the twist is pretty good and we’re given a potential matchup that I’m going to say most of us never knew we wanted. Midnighter vs. Prometheus is a god damn good fight waiting to happen. It’s pretty much the peanut butter and jelly of dudes with fighting computers in their heads fighting each other.

Harley Quinn/Power Girl #5

So yeah, I’m not fully covering this anymore, but I still read it so I guess it should be mentioned somewhere? I don’t know man. I’m still at where I was when I dropped it from coverage on the site: I’m just over it. It’s not that funny, the setting has gotten boring, and I just don’t care about much going on in this particular story. Harley went a little Joker crazy this issue for reasons? Yeah, I’m having a hard time even remembering what happened.

Klaus #1

Grant Morrison writing an origins story for Santa Claus. That’s pretty much all you need to know and if you’re not on board with that, then what are you even doing here? This book is super strange, because for a vast majority of it, it really seems too normal to be a Morrison book. Sure, Santa is some woodsman warrior looking dude, but everything still has a feeling of being a bit too subdued for Morrison’s work… Then Santa starts tripping balls with the Christmas spirit or something and he wakes up with a bunch of sentient toys looking at him, because the town he just got chased from is full of humbugs. The fact that this book exists is just so god damn strange, but I love that it does.

Deadpool #1

I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical going into Deadpool again. Don’t get me wrong, the last volume had some serious high points, but it also bored me to tears in some parts, like the final arc… hell, I didn’t even read the last issue of the series, because what’s the point? Death of Deadpool? Uh-huh. Anyways, thinking about that, the high points out weighed the low and I decided to jump into this one to find it’s sort of like…Deadpool Inc? I guess he’s a super celebrity now and funding the Avengers (as seen in Uncanny Avengers) so he hires a bunch of duplicates to look like him and do stuff across the globe? It has potential… But also the fact that he still is a bit crazy, can’t cope with the fact that he killed his family, and is killing random New York public officials in the middle of night. So yeah. Potential.

Extraordinary X-Men #1

So there’s mutants! No more mutants! Mutant jesus came and now mutants again! UH OH. Mutant dicks don’t work no more, no more mutants again. That’s the kind of shit that really annoys me with how fucking repetitive everything is within the X universe, and that’s exactly what happens this first issue: Mutants are infertile now because Inhuman farts. Sure whatever. So I guess the mutant race is on the ropes again and that’s where this issue picks up. Shit’s weird, they’re all in hiding in some big mutant refugee camp, Jean Grey is all “fuck off,” and there’s an Old Wolverine for some Secret Wars ass reason. ALL THAT BEING SAID. Despite my cynicism, I do like the X-Men, I do like Humberto Ramos’ art, and I do think this was a pretty interesting start. I’ll probably be able to cut through all the bullshit and enjoy this book… That is until we have the inevitable cross over with the Inhumans book and then fffffuuuuuck that. We all know that’s happening, right?

Vision #1

This is one of those books you should be reading even if you have zero interest in the Marvel universe or Vision, hell, I’m half that, I give literally zero fucks about Vision, but Tom King has done some amazing work on Omega Men and Grayson, so I was definitely going to pick this one up. First off, this book takes place in Northern Virginia, which is where I am, and I know Tom King lives around here, so I’m a total mark and grinning like an idiot when they’re talking about traffic on 66 and Lee Highway. ANYWAYS. This book is so fucking strange. It’s robots trying to be human, but the Vision is clear in acknowledging the fact that his family sometimes isn’t being human right or he has strange marital problems, or whatever. There’s just something super unsettling about the book in the same sort of feeling whenever someone goes down the “what is human” path with robots, only magnified by the fact that the robots aren’t just trying to be human, but are going straight up stereotypical suburban living. It’s a fantastic, crazy read, and once again, definitely worth reading even if you don’t give a shit about anything Marvel.

Black Science #17

Well this is one good looking comic book, that’s for sure. I guess this was originally supposed to be the opening of the series but stuff got changed? Something like that, but hey, Rick Remender gonna do what he’s gonna do.  Glad to have this one back, looking forward to going real deep into Grant now that he’s sort of broken.

Citizen Jack #1

Honestly, I’m a cynic who hates politics, a book about some jack off who gets to be president because he made a deal with Satan or something should be right up my alley, but I lost interest half way through and just stopped reading.

Paper Girls #2

Man this book sure is all type of crazy and confusing. I’ve literally got no idea what’s going on, but in a good way, because it’s really making me want to find out and thus read more. Art remains fantastic, but i mean, it’s Cliff Chiang, so no shit.

Velvet #12

This book still takes a long time to come out, I still like it, but I still don’t have a lot to say about it. That seems to happen a lot with me and Brubaker books, on an individual basis, I just don’t have a lot to say from issue to issue, but I still really like what I read from him. I don’t know what’s up with that, but whatever, the books still good.

Monstress #1

Good god did they go real deep in the first issue of this book. There’s like a total of three regular sized issues here, it’s all sorts of nuts. Anyways, I’ve never read anything from Liu before, so I have nothing to really base this off of. I like it, set up an interesting world in the same way say a serious darker toned anime does. Super dense read, but kept me reading from start to finish in one sitting.

Nailbiter #17

Book is still doing what it’s doing and it’s good? Sort of like the Brubaker books, I like them individually, just don’t have a lot to say. Leaving Buckaroo is an interesting idea? But splitting everyone up seems a bit odd especially when there was a sort of ensemble cast thing going on before.


  1. Not surprised you were a little burned out on this post -- you reviewed a lot of books this week. I have no doubt that running this site is a lot of work outside your normal life. I'll say that I find your reviews helpful because they cut the bullshit and let us know the high and low points and how "essential" the book is. I'd understand if you have to cut out these supplemental non-Bat posts, but it would be a shame since I find them helpful.

  2. Actually this is what I actually look forward to the most during the week. Hell, you introduced me to Sunstone and Tokyo Ghost! Keep doing these man, I appreciate it.

    1. As of right now I'm not planning on stopping, but I am generally burnt out regardless.