Sunday, November 1, 2015

Stack Rundown, 11/01/2015

Happy Danzig's Second Band's Name day! It's officially November and god damn it. But there are comics to be read and boy did I read them. Only three this time, all Image, all good.

Black Magick #1

Back at the last Image Expo, or the one before it, I can’t keep track, I heard Nicola Scott was announcing a book and I thought “Well that’s great.” Then this was announced and for some reason, unknown to me, it really didn’t excite me all that much. Regardless, I had read the preview so I decided to pick it up and turned out that I liked it quite a bit. Basically, you got Greg Ruck and Nicola Scott looking to tell what seems like it’s going to be a modern day witch hunt story, where the protagonist is a practicing witch who is also a cop. Some shit happens with a dude holding hostages and from what I can guess, some witch hunting sect is back on the scene and that’s bad. The book is presented in black white and grey, with some very subtle uses of color and an instance where the color goes real big. If I’m being honest, I wish color was used a bit more throughout. I can totally see why they chose to illustrated the book this way given the setting, and I don’t necessarily want it to be full color, but I think adding a bit more throughout would really be great looking. Regardless, the fucker is illustrated by Nicola god damn Scott, so it’s a good looking book no matter what. Glad I tried it out, that’s for sure.

Revival #34

Ever since the government discovered that Em was a reviver, this book has been getting super intense, and I’m really liking it. I’ve said for a good long time that this book goes through spots of plots simmering to shit just going bad at the turn of a page, and these past few issues have really been the “shit gone bad” sort of issues. So we learn what happened with Dana and Em’s mom, find out that some characters are not what they seem, and the government are actively trying to kill the sisters for whatever spooky government reasons. Good stuff all around.

Chew #51

It feels like it has been longer than usual between arcs in this book (and now that I read the letters, I can confirm it has been three months rather than two, science!) and now the book is in the home stretch. This is the penultimate arc, and it seems things are going to go a bit differently. The book starts off a couple years later from where we left off and character statuses are all over the place… then things get even weirder when Olive gets accepted into the FDA and the years go by by the page… I really don’t know what to think with the final page, whether next issue is going to be a one and done thing with what looks to be Evil Future Tony, or if the book really did just jump another five years in the future or something. But man, this is sad. Chew is almost done. By this time next year it will probably be finished or just about there… And that suuuuucks.

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