Wednesday, November 25, 2015

SPOILERS: We Are Robin #6

The Court of Owls courts the Robins. GET IT. Because court has multiple meanings and is in the name of the Owls!? So clever. So very clever.

The Spoilers:

In preparation of the coming Robin War, our favorite gang of Robins come face to face with their first major threat, a Talon from the Court of Owls, who just killed Izzy's brother. Robins try to fight back, but it doesn't go well, as the Talon teaches them what he believes to be a lesson about justice and whatever. Basically, the Talon is going "give into the dark side" seeing potential in the Robins, eventually taunting Izzy to shoot him after the police arrive.

Unfortunately, the entire ordeal is caught on news cameras, including when the Talon turns on the police. Alfred has to save the day with a hummer with some crowd control ammunition, and drives all the Robins away. When all is clear, Alfred tells the kids that they always need to listen to orders from the Nest also, now the they've got the city's attention, it's their duty to prove that they're not some kids causing problems rather than fixing them... Also, wear masks.


The Opinion: 

Decent issue, didn't do a whole lot to set up the crossover for next week. As of right now I think the crossover is the public hates the Robins and the Court of Owls? Allllllright then. Sure. I honestly don't have much to say about the issue, it was one of those "sort of wrap things up before a crossover" issues. Not bad, but not like it was super memorable either. 

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