Wednesday, November 25, 2015

SPOILERS: Robin: Son of Batman #6

The level of visual continuity with Damian and his missing tooth is pretty commendable. Oh... other stuff happened too.

The Spoilers: 

Having escaped the anti-Al'Ghuls whose name I can't remember (Lu'un draga or something?), Talia takes Damian to the island where Goliath had his family slaughter by Damian... Damian did some messed up shit, but anyways, Talia's got a plan returning to that island, because the item Damian took during the year of blood grants her the ability to claim ownership of the island and its people as their leader, and that's exactly what she does.

Damian wakes up to find his mother waiting for him, and gives him a proposition, she wants him to rejoin her, something he takes issue with considering she had him killed. Talia claims she was consumed and a different person, with all that darkness taken out of her and contained in the black pearl she possesses. She allows Damian to either meet her the next morning to join, or give her the black pearl, restoring her to the "monster" she was, and they can settle their differences with swords.

Damian leaves to find Maya, and he gets all depressed claiming the R he wears stands for ruin. She gives him a pep talk and claims redemption, officially forgiving him for what he did to his family, proclaiming herself a sister to him. This cheers Damian up and he believes in the symbol again, responding to his mother with a note, claiming he's going to go back and walk the path his father set for him, and should the Lu'un family emerge again, then their paths will cross, but only then.

and back to Gotham Damian goes, for the Robin War.


The Opinion:

From a character standpoint, just a stellar issue. Pat Gleason has just done a phenomenal job with how he writes Damian and interacts with the rest of the cast (outside of him calling Maya "chica," that sounds weird) and this issues is probably the best example of that. The two talks Damian has with his mother and Maya are just pitch perfect character work. Loved every page of it.

The only bad part about this issue is the Lu'un draggawhatever stuff. With the character aspects shining so bright, the parts that are supposed to be the actual meat of the plot just seem to fall flat and feel a bit forgettable. I mean hell, I can barely remember the names of these evil people that are supposed to be so evil... or something.

There's also something I noticed this issue that I want to touch on and that's Damian's ethnicity. If you want to be technical about it, Damian is of mixed heritage, with a good deal of the Al'Ghul side of his family being Arabic, and that's really clear this issue along with the series as a whole. The way John Kalisz colors Damian and Talia's skin makes it clear that they're actively trying to depict Damian as reflecting his heritage. So if that's something important to you, know that this book is probably the only book to have ever made it this clear. Thought that was pretty cool.


  1. That scene with Damian threatening to kill Talia and then realizing he's in the bath is hilarious. Also, I need a tiny Goliath now.

  2. Speaking of Robin War: Tomasi/Takara are no longer on Detective Comics 47(Boooo) Ray Fawkes and Steve Pugh are(booooo). (Fawkes is also cowriting Son of Batman #7)

    But, all in all, great issue. This is a great series.

  3. Gleason is doing such a great job on this book, much better than I expected honestly. This issue really cemented how great of a series this really is.